Introducing Autodesk Graphic, a Full-Featured Vector Design and Illustration Application

Categories: Design Visualization

Today we are introducing Autodesk Graphic, a full-featured vector design and illustration application that has all of the tools needed to create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art.

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Previously known as iDraw* on the Mac and iPad, Autodesk Graphic is launching today for Mac, iPad, and now the iPhone. Designs can be created and shared easily across all devices, and users can now quickly view and edit their designs from anywhere using the new iPhone version.

For Mac users, Graphic now includes:

  • Support for pressure sensitive, variable-width brush strokes
  • Draw with pressure-sensitivity using Wacom tablets and Force Touch trackpads
  • Create, save, and reuse custom calligraphic brush stroke styles
    • New transform toolbar pane; quickly edit selections of objects and numerically position path points
    • Recolor vector elements or an entire artwork using the new ‘Adjust Colors’ panel
    • Easily place editable elements from SVG, AI, and PSD files directly into a design using drag and drop

The iPhone and iPad versions are optimized and ready for iOS 9, with the iPad version adding support for the new multitasking and split screen features in iOS.

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Autodesk Graphic is an important addition to the Autodesk portfolio, and enables our customers to use an Autodesk solution for a variety of their graphic design and illustration needs. Graphic can be used to create everything from dimensioned to-scale 2D floor plans, product mockups, UI designs, artwork for media and game development projects, as well as importing and exporting vector designs to other Autodesk products, such as Fusion 360. Users can export bitmap and vector files that can be used in any of our products that accept PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, SVG, PSD, AI, and PDF formats.

Autodesk Graphic is available for Mac for $24.99, iPad for $8.99, and now iPhone for $2.99. For more information, visit


*Autodesk completed the acquisition of iDraw earlier this year. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.