Cloud Conversations: PLM at the Speed of Memjet

Printer manufacturers have been struggling for years to distinguish themselves in a market that has been turned upside down by popular sentiment that demands eliminating wasteful printing practices for both economic and sustainability reasons.

Recognizing this market need, Memjet, a global leader in high-speed color printing technologies, set out to create blazing fast print heads and components that produced high-quality prints, at a lower price, that could be scaled across multiple industries and business environments.

Part of Memjet’s creation process included the decision to establish faster and more flexible manufacturing operations. To do so, the company sought a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology that was capable of efficiently managing product information and extending key information to every contract manufacturer involved in the process. Memjet also required cost-effective, anytime, anywhere access to its PLM technology, which ruled out more traditional on-premise enterprise software.

After a competitive evaluation, Memjet selected Autodesk PLM 360 cloud-based PLM software and has been successfully using the technology in its manufacturing operations and effort to redefine the traditional color printing market. Various advantages Memjet has enjoyed through the use of PLM 360 include:

  • Real-time and centralized communication
  • Carefully designed workflows that help contract manufacturers produce quality assemblies
  • A formal and streamlined approval process
  • Better tracking and control of critical internal documents

“In our line of work, speed and efficiency are paramount,” says Jeff Bean, vice president of brand and communications at Memjet. “Being able to leverage a cloud-based PLM solution has helped us achieve our manufacturing goals faster than ever and with a high degree of quality.”

Watch this video (embedded above) to learn more about how Memjet pioneered patented “waterfall” technology with no moving parts and less ink in order to deliver high-speed printing and more affordable costs in environmentally friendly ways.

For the latest on its color printing technology, visit Memjet online.

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