Asius Technologies Named 2013 Autodesk Inventor of Year

Autodesk Inventor of the Month to Become Inventing the Future Series

The Autodesk Manufacturing community has spoken. Or, in this case, voted for its 2013 Inventor of the Year, and Asius Technologies has received the top honor from among 2013’s Autodesk Inventor of the Month (IOM) honorees.

Members from the Autodesk Manufacturing community around the world selected Asius Technologies, led by audio pioneer Stephen Ambrose, the original inventor of the wireless in-ear monitor that allows performers on stage to hear themselves above other musicians and the crowd, for developing the Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens (ADEL).

The ADEL is a new type of earpiece that solves the problem of hearing loss resulting from repeated earbud use. Ambrose’s newest creation, designed with the use of Autodesk Product Design Suite software, was recognized as the Autodesk 2013 December IOM.

Asius used Autodesk Inventor 3D design software as part of Product Design Suite to digitally prototype many of the ADEL components. Unlike normal in-ear headphones that trigger an “acoustic reflex” that dampens sound, the ADEL seals out unwanted noise and delivers a richer sounds at one quarter of the volume.

ADEL Auto Insertion Ear Bud Editied

ADEL Bubble and Valve1

“The team at Asius Technologies is ecstatic over being voted Autodesk’s 2013 Inventor of the Year,” said Ambrose. “We live in a renaissance of art and technology fabulously fueled by our imaginations, and Autodesk’s host of design products have allowed our team to technically jam together online and quickly lay down some of the best sound technologies and consumer designs ever printed.”

Best of all, ADEL technology isn’t just limited to earbuds — it can also be applied to hearing aids and other devices to provide a more comfortable fit, richer sound quality and a safer listening experience. Additionally, the Ambrose Diaphonic Pump (ADP), which inflates the membranes, can convert extreme forms of noise pollution into usable energy. Ambrose’s new pump can be used for everything from harvesting the sound of a beating heart (to run a pacemaker or drug pump) to converting unwanted noise into a new energy source. A video interview of Ambrose discussing the Inventor of the Year award can be viewed here.

Another exciting development has been brewing surrounding the long-standing Inventor of the Month Program. After more than seven years, we are excited to announce that Autodesk is changing the name and focus of its monthly IOM award to a new series called Inventing the Future. The new series reflects the breadth of our present-day customer base, which not only includes designers and engineers from our original roots but has expanded to also include factory personnel and marketers within manufacturing companies. Each month, we will recognize the most innovative among the hundreds of thousands of designers and engineers that use Autodesk Digital Prototyping tools to change the way the world is designed and made.

Autodesk will actively seek candidates each month from its Manufacturing customer base through a brief Q&A about the company’s business, products and inventive spirit. We’re looking for your answers via email, and photos and videos are welcome. The new questions are as follows:

  1. What does your company develop, and why is it important to the world?
  2. How has adopting technology helped your business evolve?
  3. What Autodesk software do you use and why (please provide examples/metrics of      the business impact if possible)?
  4. Where do you see your business five years from now? In 10 years?
  5. What does being a ________ mean to you? [You fill in blank with your occupation.      Examples include innovator, designer, engineer, student, creator, etc.]

Do you think your company has what it takes to be recognized? If so, send in your submission to The first Inventing the Future monthly honoree will be announced later this month.