Racing to Inspire the Next Generation of Designers and Engineers

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Students, start your engines! It’s go time.

Autodesk is excited to announce that we have officially partnered with F1 in Schools to rev up the design process for the more than 20 million students worldwide who participate in the competition by offering free access to our design, visualization and simulation tools.

The F1 in Schools program asks students to create their own Formula One™ team, which is commissioned to design, construct and race the fastest miniature Formula One Car of the Future: a 21cm long futuristic scale model built from a block of balsa wood and powered by a compressed air cylinder. At local and regional qualifying events, teams race their model car on a specially designed 20 meter test track, with the cars covering the distance in just over one second. Pretty impressive for a model car!

Creating Drawing Views

Falcon Flow
Showcase 3

“The opportunity to work closely with F1 in Schools to help students around the world learn how to explore their design concepts through digital tools is very exciting,” said Chris Bradshaw, chief marketing officer at Autodesk. “It’s inspiring to see students, some as young as nine, using design software like virtual wind tunnels to create and test their designs just as professionals do.”

Regional winners will compete for the F1 in Schools National Championship and the victorious teams will travel to Austin, TX for the F1 in Schools World Finals. In Austin, the finalists will face off to win the prestigious Bernie Ecclestone World Champions trophy and a coveted automotive and motorsport engineering scholarship to City University London.

Stay tuned for more updates in November, and may the fastest car win!