GDPR at Autodesk: A Global Approach to Protecting Customer Data

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At Autodesk, we believe our customers should control their data and be treated as customers rather than products. When customers choose to share their data with us, we strive to give them value directly related to that data rather than package it up as a product to sell to someone else. We design and build privacy and security standards into our products, services, and business processes to keep pace with evolving regulation and fulfill our responsibility to safeguard our customers’ data.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect this week on May 25th, is a comprehensive European Union privacy regulation that gives EU citizens and other individuals in the EU authority over their own personal data. The GDPR seeks to harmonize existing data protection laws across Europe and standardize data protection rules. GDPR is a significant step in an evolving quest to protect privacy rights.

Autodesk is not only committed to complying with the regulation for individuals in the EU, but we are also committed to giving our customers greater control of their personal data around the world.

Autodesk’s GDPR Commitment

We’ve been busy preparing for GDPR, with focus on:

  • Transparency – how we notify individuals of their privacy rights through our Privacy Statement and other disclosures
  • Vendors– how we engage third-party vendors, including the contractual terms we put in place and security reviews we conduct
  • Individual Rights– how we process individual rights requests including deletion, access, portability, and objection to processing
  • Consents and Permissions– how we receive consent for marketing and other purposes and how we enable individuals to provide and/or revoke their consent
  • Security – how we protect personal data to safeguard its confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Privacy by Design– how we implement privacy reviews and processes throughout the development lifecycle of products and services

We have conducted internal assessments to evaluate our readiness to meet and maintain our obligations under the law. We also maintain ISO certifications for the operational environment of certain cloud products and have undergone SOC 2 compliance audits for certain cloud products.

As GDPR goes into effect this week, we at Autodesk commit to offer greater transparency and control to our customers worldwide in how we handle their personal data.

For additional information, please visit our Trust Center.