Autodesk's Binding Corporate Rules approved by EU Data Protection Authorities

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Autodesk is pleased to announce that its Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) for controller and processor data transfers have been approved by EU Data Protection Authorities. This significant milestone highlights Autodesk’s unwavering dedication to maintaining robust privacy and security measures for the data entrusted to the company.

BCRs are a comprehensive set of internal policies and procedures designed to govern the processing of personal data within multinational organizations. By implementing BCRs, Autodesk ensures consistent and sufficient protection of personal data across all regions where it operates, bolstering its commitment to data privacy.

“The approval of BCRs as a valid mechanism for intra-organizational transfers of personal data across borders demonstrates Autodesk’s adherence to EU Data Protection Laws and reinforces its efforts to build trust with its customers,” said Ruth Ann Keene, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, and Chief Legal Officer. “By establishing clear guidelines and standards for data protection practices, Autodesk aims to enhance transparency and accountability.”

To access Autodesk’s BCRs and learn more about the company’s commitment to privacy, please visit the privacy section of our Trust Center.