Autodesk expands data regionalization with new data storage location

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  • Autodesk’s new regional data storage location in Australia gives customers using Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) greater choice in where they store and secure their project data.
  • Customers will benefit from optimized performance through reduced latency when using ACC in the region.
  • The launch is a milestone in Autodesk’s overall vision for expanded data regionalization.

The Australian data storage location will help us better support our customers in the region.

Data regionalization is rapidly becoming a business need for many of our customers. In the face of evolving local data regulations and other factors driving regional storage requirements, customers seek solutions that help them meet their needs – and help expand their businesses.

In March, Autodesk launched a new project data storage location in Australia for Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), part of a larger strategy to bring increased data regionalization and improved in-region performance options to our customers around the globe.

The Australian location is now operational alongside existing project data storage offerings in the United States and European Union. Globally, we are committed to offering the same security, privacy, resiliency, and recoverability capabilities that we provide to all our customers to help them be successful and remain compliant.

Addressing customer needs

This new offering brings a variety of benefits to ACC customers using Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Takeoff, BIM Collaborate, and BIM Collaborate Pro in the region, including increased choice and optimized performance. ACC customers can now choose to primarily store their project data in Australia, and those using these products within the region will benefit from reduced latency.

“Hosting Autodesk Construction Cloud in Australia supports our strong focus on data,” said Steven Bloomer, Regional Information Management Lead at GHD, an Australian engineering, architecture and construction services company. “Secure and effective management of data is a priority for every client we work with and where that data is stored is critical. This can impact how we enable a collaborative and interconnected common data environment for Australian-based projects. Autodesk establishing Australia as a data storage region gives us the option of a local native solution for the Autodesk product stack used in our project delivery.”

Select Autodesk Platform Services APIs that help customers customize their workflows are also now available in beta in the Australia location.

Learn more about the new location and supported products.

Regional data storage offers a variety of benefits, including optimized performance through reduced latency.

A future of secure, trusted data

Our vision of a cloud-connected environment that powers Autodesk’s Design and Make Platform is only possible when customers are confident in how and where their project data is primarily stored. As we continue investing in our global infrastructure, we look forward to bringing new data storage options to a wider range of customers.