Looking for the Best Young Designers in the Red Dot Awards for Design Concept

As the newly named official design software sponsor for the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2014 competition, Autodesk is looking for the academic institution entrant that demonstrates the best use of digital visualization and simulation techniques among this year’s top entries.

The winner will attend Autodesk University in Las Vegas, NV, where they will have the opportunity to network and learn from professional designers and industry thought leaders.

“Just as Red Dot believes that every product tells a story, Autodesk too believes that design plays a fundamental role in our everyday lives," said George Abraham, director of education at Autodesk. "Design professionals, students and hobbyists all use Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges. By providing the education ecosystem with seamless access to our 3D design software and exposing students to the possibilities of design, we hope to inspire and equip tomorrow’s inventors and innovators.”

"Products awarded the Red Dot quality seal epitomize great design, and we are excited to partner with the largest and most prestigious award for design concept,” he added.

Check out a video interview Abraham here:


Competition is stiff each year, but young designers from academic institutions around the world continue to impress the international jury. In fact, Lin Chi-Hung and Wu Yun-Ci from the National Taipei University of Technology in Taiwan took home the Red Dot: Best of the Best prize – the top prize in the Red Dot Award: Design Concept competition – last year for their concept titled, “Unbent.”

Designed using Autodesk Inventor, Unbent addresses the discomfort that shoppers – and the elderly, in particular – face when they have to bend over to place or pick up items from their shopping trolleys. By integrating a jack mechanism that lowers and raises the floor plate of the trolley, shoppers can place their items in their shopping cart without bending down. When the inner volume of the trolley is filled up, a button on the handle can be pressed to release the jack mechanism and lower the base.

  1Unbent by the students from the National Taipei University of Technology took home top honors for their innovative product concept that was designed using Autodesk Inventor

“We support Autodesk’s commitment in developing young future talent," said Ken Koo, Asia President of the Red Dot Design Award. For design concepts, this is a step closer to bringing a design concept to life though more skillful simulation, stronger analysis of ideas and of course, better communication of ideas.”

The Red Dot Award: Design Concept competition has grown to be the largest and most recognized professional competition for design concept and prototypes worldwide. In fact, the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2013 attracted the attention of over 100 universities, 290 companies and studios, and 4,700 designers from 70 countries.

Submissions for the 2014 competition close on May 21st, and we look forward to seeing who will be named the institution winner at the award ceremony Singapore in September 2014!