Autodesk expands presence in on-set production, closes acquisition of production management solution PIX

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  • Autodesk’s acquisition of PIX has closed.
  • The acquisition expands Autodesk’s presence in the on-set phase of production, making it easier to share data captured up and down a production’s pipeline and reducing inefficiency.
  • Combining the expertise and strong network of the PIX team with Autodesk’s resources and cloud technology capabilities will result in improved customer experiences.

Autodesk has closed its acquisition of production management solution PIX.

Efficiency has long been a major problem in the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry. Assets often need to be recreated, data is saved in incompatible formats, and important information can be easily lost in webs of files and folders. These issues cause a lot of rework for our customers, costing them time and money.

To help solve some of these challenges, we are building Flow, the Autodesk industry cloud for M&E. Our vision for Flow sounds simple–unite data, workflows, and teams in the cloud to enable more efficient collaboration up and down the production pipeline–but delivering on that vision is anything but.

To start, we knew we had to think beyond post-production where our content creation and production management tools are best-in-class. Much of the data and relevant information that our customers rely on is generated on set, yet because these two phases of production have historically been disconnected, it often doesn’t make it all the way downstream, getting lost in the process and causing considerable inefficiency.

So, two years ago, we took a step into on-set production, expanding upstream to better integrate processes and connections across the entire production chain–a move for Autodesk into new territory and a major part of our vision to bring production into the cloud. We’ve made great strides with Moxion, exploring opportunities for streamlined connections and building workflows between on set and post-production.

Fast forward to today, and with the acquisition of PIX officially closed, we are accelerating our position on set, now bringing the studios along on our journey. The addition of PIX to Autodesk will make it easier to share data captured on set with studio executives and production teams, fostering broader collaboration and linking a previously disparate workflow. Connecting PIX’s production management solution to Flow will ensure a better flow of data to all stakeholders and help reduce inefficiency.

Learn more about PIX production management

By combining the expertise and strong network of the PIX team with Autodesk’s resources and cloud technology capabilities—and connecting it all with Flow—we can improve customer experiences and transform how films and TV shows are made.

I look forward to welcoming the talented PIX team to Autodesk. Together we will continue innovating the production process, drive future growth, and provide our customers with the ability to make anything.

The foregoing descriptions of the contemplated effects of the acquisition are subject to Autodesk’s ability to successfully integrate PIX in all respects. For further information about the risks relevant to our forward-looking statements, see our press release.