What We Like This Week: Where We’re Going, Where We’ve Been

Categories: AEC Architecture

2018 is a wrap and 2019 is just getting rolling—a perfect time to take stock of what we’ve achieved and the opportunities that lie ahead. Check out this week’s picks:

  • Blast off. An Iron Man-esque personal jet suit? It’s a thing. And it’s just one of the five coolest aerospace innovations of 2018 (via Marketwatch). We appreciate the shoutout to generative design and are excited to see where it goes next.

Take flight with the jet suit from Gravity, Inc.

  • Enduring art. Technology is great, but never forget the power of human craft and creativity. ArchDaily’s selections of the best architectural drawings of 2018 features everything from pen-and-ink sketches to watercolors to animated GIFs.
  • Trending comments. Virtual reality for design? Yes, please. Dad shoes? Not so sure. Core77 provides a charming and insightful look back at design trends from 2018.
  • Making the grade. The Verge has a great series of “tech report cards” for the year gone by. Our favorite was the one about AR and VR, featuring an outstanding flow chart for how to know which immersive technology you’re using.

Is it VR? AR? Something else? This brilliant flowchart from the Verge will help.