Makers Inspire Crowds at Autodesk's "Making It" Design Night

Categories: People & Culture

It’s a brave new world and things are changing quickly. The machines of big world manufacturing are being joined by futuristic computers, 3D printers, and digital fabrication services. Creativity is everywhere and everyday, ordinary people are bidding farewell to mass-produced goods and welcoming individualized and inspired projects. Makers of all sorts are coming out of the woodwork to design, create and share their work, continually driving innovation across communities and crowds.

Following last month’s stellar Robotics-themed Design Night, the May Design Night focused on “Making It.” The evening started with a great presentation from Mark Hatch, CEO of Tech Shop:

Other features of the event included a “Make a Creature, Take a Creature” station, where guests used Autodesk 123D Creature to make their own creatures, monsters and masterpieces. The creatures were then printed and collected into a large “creature collage.” Everyone who participated also went home with a 3D printed creature of their own.


Guests were also able to make and take home a real bird house using laser cut pieces created with Autodesk 123D Design and make a take-home mushroom growing kit with help from the Mycological Society. Also onsite was a laser-cut jewelry-making station from Otherlab and Instructables interactive displays.

Bird House

Join us for June’s “Faster. Stronger. Tech-ier.” Design Night on Thursday, June 6, from 6-10pm.