Autodesk CEO, President Biden, Secretary Buttigieg, Push for Modernization of Infrastructure During UFI Week

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The widely shared vision for the modernization and expansion of infrastructure in the United States is only possible by enacting policies incentivizing a new approach to the way we design, build, operate, and maintain our infrastructure.

In short, we need to change how we build what we need. 

This takes partnership—partnership among the public and private sectors, academia, and not-for-profit champions, including United for Infrastructure (UFI).

Autodesk is a proud sponsor of United for Infrastructure Week taking place May 10 through May 14, 2021. UFI Week is a reminder of the long-term, year-round effort necessary to improve and strengthen our communities, climate, and economy. Autodesk President and CEO Andrew Anagnost will join President Biden, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and others during the kick-off event to press for policies supporting a long-term plan for our nation’s infrastructure. 

See a full calendar of UFI Week events here. 

As a leader in design and make software, Autodesk is at the forefront of how technology is transforming infrastructure, construction, manufacturing, and other key industries, and we are committed to and share UFI’s mission.  

Autodesk’s commitment to change

Using digital technology to improve the delivery and outcomes of civil projects, including water, transportation, and other infrastructure, is how we will overcome increasingly limited financial and natural resources—and time is not on our side.  

In other words, we need to maximize every dollar invested and dramatically reduce what we take from the earth and put into our air. 

Following Hurricane Sandy, when the coastal New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region was still grasping the devastation, we began to understand the importance of enhancing the resiliency of our hard assets—subways, rail, energy, and water systems. While we still do not fully understand the long-term impact of the pandemic, we recognize the need to enhance the resiliency of our soft assets—the people and processes which build our infrastructure, keep our lights on, and our water running. 

But the things we hope to accomplish—slowing climate change, improving our economy, stretching the limited dollars available—cannot be done without a workforce prepared for the future. The workforce we need to do these things is an inclusive, equitable, and opportunity-rich labor force, working together with a single focus on the job ahead of us all. 

Autodesk sponsored United for Infrastructure’s 2020 Presidential candidates forum,President Biden and US Transport Secretary Buttigieg on stage at United for Infrastructure’s 2019 Presidential candidates forum

Autodesk sponsored United for Infrastructure’s 2020 Presidential candidates forum, which included then-candidates President Biden (left) and US Transportation Secretary Buttigieg.

Join us for United for Infrastructure Week events

Autodesk leadership will be active throughout UFI Week, introducing ourselves to an audience likely unaware of our nearly 40-years behind-the-scenes leadership in the creation of the built world around us. Buildings, rail, highways, bridges, tunnels, and more—if built in the past four decades, Autodesk’s digital DNA is likely found inside. 

Learn about Autodesk’s infrastructure policy priorities to strengthen our economy, combat climate change, and promote social equity.

To learn how Autodesk enables our customers in design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, register for UFI Week during which our President and CEO, Andrew Anagnost, and Sidharth Haksar, Senior Director and Head of Construction Strategy, will share their views of what we need and how we get there as one nation. 

To better understand how we enable a better world, read Autodesk’s Impact Report and listen to Autodesk Director of Sustainability, Ben Thompson’s conversation with UFI CEO, Zach Schafer.  

Autodesk looks forward to serving as a resource for the new Administration and Congress as they develop policies to help our country recover from the pandemic, meet the challenges of climate change and a transforming economy, and seize the opportunities of social change.

We look forward to joining President Biden, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, leadership of State Departments of Transportation, and others. Join us next week and be a part of the effort to build back better.

See a full calendar of UFI Week events here.