What We Like This Week: Making Room for Improvement

A focus on the future can fuel innovation, but it’s the things we do today that keep us moving forward in the world of making. Check out this week’s picks.

  • Sharpen Up. Re-skilling isn’t just for people who are pivoting in their careers. This list of in-demand tech talents might have you signing up for a MOOC before you know it. Plus, a new workshop space in Chicago where visitors can learn about generative design is open for business, and ZDNet has the scoop.
  • Material over Matter. New Atlas reports on a revolutionary metal alloy that was useless for 70 years until UCLA scientists developed a new welding technique. At the neighboring University of California, researchers have made a new 3D-printable rubber that repairs itself in a matter of hours.

Credit: UCLA

Credit: Benjamin Zhang/Business Insider

  • Pressing Pause. Lunar New Year festivities are still underway, but Dragon Innovation explains how the holiday brings some factories to a grinding halt.
  • Computer Chip Cookies. How do you combine the joy of baking with the joy of making? Cookies, obviously. We’re pinning this cookie perfection machine to our “kitchen of the future” mood board (via The Prepared newsletter).