What We Like This Week: Floating Houses and Hip Hop Architecture

Categories: Architecture Product Design & Manufacturing

Humans are taking robot jobs, houses are getting buoyant, and rockets are being 3D printed whole. Check out this week’s finds:

The rap on architecture. What can architecture learn from hip hop? Plenty, according to architect Mike Ford. His Hip Hop Architecture Camps, sponsored by Autodesk, are helping to teach STEAM skills while connecting kids with the value of architecture in their community. We like CNET’s take.

“I don’t want to design for someone, I would rather design with them.” Mike Ford, architect and founder, Urban Arts Collective

Rise to the occasion. Floating homes and other structures not only help reduce the risks of climate change, they also give cities more room to grow. Euronews dives in to what’s possible.

What would a human do? The manufacturing world is moving from mass production to mass customization. And for many of those tasks, humans are replacing robots on the assembly line, according to Forbes.

Forge ahead. By making the Forge platform open, Autodesk is exposing “the innards of technology.” What will you do with it?

Print your own rocket. The guys at Relativity Space have built the world’s largest 3D metal printer to print rockets—not only on Earth, but also on the surface of Mars.

“Two arms feature high-powered lasers…that can work on the same part, while a third arm utilizes a mill that can perform the necessary machining work to add details and finish the part.” –

Credit: Relativity Space