• Autodesk Informed Design unlocks industrialized construction to connect design and make workflows from day one.
  • Building-products manufacturers can use Autodesk Informed Design to save time, improve collaboration, and grow their businesses.
  • Building-products manufacturers have a critical role to play in industrialized construction and the future of the AEC industry.

Autodesk Informed Design is a cloud-based solution that connects design and manufacturing workflows to streamline the building design and construction process.

As manufacturing professionals in the building-products industry, you know the dilemma: your customers send completed designs that include building components that simply aren’t feasible given the project’s parameters.

It’s not uncommon to receive requirements for balconies, staircases, doors, or other prefab components that are incompatible with your manufacturing capabilities. This leads to several iterations of helping your customers move from generic, but unverified components, to the specific products that will meet their project’s needs.

But imagine how much more efficient this process could be if design teams could view your products’ specs during their earliest design work. If your customers could then determine in real time which components were a fit for their project and which weren’t feasible. You’d be giving your customers more lead time to do their work–and recovering valuable time for your own team.

Designing with manufacturable products is an implementation of industrialized construction, a critical element of the future of the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) industry. Industrialized construction and productization will help the industry solve big challenges. For example, nearly 100,000 new affordable homes need to be built every day to house an estimated three billion people by 2030. The industry is also facing pressure to improve its sustainability, as construction is one of the most wasteful industries in the world.

As building-products manufacturers, you play a critical role in realizing the future of our homes, workplaces, and communities. For the industry to keep pace, it’s imperative that we implement industrialized construction.

Connect design and make from day one

With Autodesk Informed Design, we are unlocking industrialized construction by connecting design and make from the earliest stages of a building project. Using new Informed Design features in Autodesk Inventor, your team can define your products–including detailed specs, options for customization, fabrication documentation, and product images–and add them to the Autodesk Platform to be used by your customers during design.

Architects can also use Informed Design for Revit to design with increased certainty by specifying a product’s allowable dimensions, materials, finishes, and other information.

Your customers can learn immediately whether the component they hope to design into their project fits the building parameters. If not, they can search for that component’s available options–to find a version with a smaller footprint, for example–until they find one that works.

And as the manufacturer, you can build in guardrails to ensure your customers select only design options that are known to be manufacturable (based upon manufacturer specifications).

Autodesk Informed Design enables building-products manufacturers to collaborate with building design customers and establish design guardrails for building products.

Improve collaboration and speed up time to market

Informed Design highlights the aspects of your building components that designers can customize to meet their needs, empowering your customers to discover in real time their options to configure your building components.

This boost to collaboration will help get your products spec’d into your customers’ design plans correctly, from the beginning, to enable a faster and more efficient design-to-manufacturing process.

Adding product data to Informed Design empowers your customers to design with known-manufacturable building products to avoid downstream delays, unnecessary project waste, and bring projects to market faster.

Bridging the gap between your products and your customers’ designs will not only help grow your business, but it will drive a more sustainable future for the built environment.

Autodesk Informed Design: a success story

Autodesk Informed Design is already helping businesses reduce design rework, speed up the building process, and improve collaboration between design and make teams.

Green Canopy NODE shares its experience using Autodesk Informed Design to improve projects and build for a more sustainable future.

One example is Seattle-based Green Canopy NODE, a maker of prefabricated residential building kits and other components. The company is using Informed Design to save time, build more efficiently, and improve collaboration with their partners.

To learn more about their story, sign up for the Autodesk Informed Design webinar on June 26.

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