Why we're excited about the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing system launch

Categories: Sustainability in PD&M

As anyone who has even a passing interest in additive manufacturing probably knows by now, HP Inc. has just unveiled its potentially ground-breaking new Jet Fusion 3D Printing System. The printers promise a 10x increase in speed at half the cost of existing machines, not to mention the ability to deliver voxel-level resolution for production-ready commercial parts. Pretty incredible stuff — as the reception in the press has shown.

What’s perhaps most exciting about advances like this is how it will help augment the future of making things, in which technologies like generative design produce complex geometries than can often only be fabricated using 3D printing. Consider two cases in point where 3D printing was critical: Airbus’ bionic partition andUnder Armour’s ARCHITECH training shoe.

As with any breakthrough innovation, HP readily acknowledges that they didn’t do it all alone and that collaboration with customers and partners helped bring the Jet Fusion system to life. Autodesk is proud to be one of those working with HP.

HP printer

As Samir Hanna, vice president of digital manufacturing at Autodesk, noted: “Autodesk is excited to be partnering with HP and to be providing software for the HP Jet Fusion Solution. As a leader in 3D design and engineering software, Autodesk is committed to providing technologies that expand the applications of industrial 3D printing. This partnership will help advance the entire additive manufacturing industry by providing access to the most innovative and up-to-date combined hardware and software technology on the market.”

Autodesk’s contribution comes through our collaboration with HP to create the Autodesk Netfabb Engine for HP Multi Jet Fusion™ technology. Using the Netfabb Engine, manufacturers can execute a wide range of tasks in a single software environment, including: review, repair and edit 3D models, make design changes to optimize your model for production, prepare build files, control the slicing process, fine tune build parameters and toolpaths.  For more, see here.

We congratulate HP on the launch of the HP Jet Fusion System and look forward to working together to help manufacturers around the world take advantage of the incredible power of 3D printing to more rapidly prototype and deliver new products to market, especially those kinds of products that were never before possible without additive manufacturing.