What Could You Do With 90 Days of Maya and 3ds Max?

Autodesk recently kicked off a 90-day
project license of Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max 3D
animation software. Why does this matter? Freelance artists and boutique
creative shops now have greater flexibility to create high-end professional
work for short-term projects using Maya or 3ds Max at a significant cost

Chris Bonura, a professional artist who worked on such
films as Thor and The Avengers,
shared his thoughts:. “I use Maya almost every day at work, and a handful of
times throughout the year. I would love to have it at home but can’t justify
buying the whole package to use a few times. A term license is a great solution
for artists in a similar situation; it’s invaluable to have at
your disposal.”

Eclipse VFX CG Supervisor/Creative Director Sam
Khorshid added, “The 3ds Max 90-day project license is a huge boon for smaller
boutique studios. The number of artists could jump from two or three up to 10
or 15 for a period of only a few weeks pending the project, so the short-term
license can offer huge savings and bring down the overall cost of the VFX work.
Those types of savings can go directly to the artist!"

Based on a recent job, veteran artist Mike Terpstra remarked: “One job
required me to quickly conceptualize 3D environments for a client. I wanted to
use Maya, but couldn’t rationalize buying a license. The client was local, so I
worked at their studio with their Maya license,” he said. “If I had been able to
license Maya for two months, I would have gained over two hours per day of work
time, saved money in commuting costs, and been able to work in a more
controlled environment. A reasonably priced monthly licensing model for Maya is
awesome for me in today’s economy.”

Available in the U.S. and Canada for $199 US MSRP and
Australia/New Zealand for $300 AUD until March 31, 2013, the fixed-term*
licenses can be used for commercial purposes and cannot be renewed or
upgraded. Licenses are limited to one license per customer per product. More
information is available in the Autodesk eStore:

U.S. and Canada

Australia and New Zealand

*Fixed term software is subject to the terms and conditions of
the license and services agreement that accompanies the software.
 For more information, please refer
to this FAQ