REAL Conversations on Reality Computing – Mike Whaley, a leader in BIM & Reality Capture

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As President and CEO of Turis Systems, Mike Whaley is leading the company to be a nationally recognized leader in the implementation of BIM, Reality Capture and other technology initiatives.  In his own words, “It’s the most exciting role that anyone could imagine.” 

In anticipation of his upcoming talk at the REAL 2015 event in San Francisco, we asked Mike a few questions about the future of 3D technology.  Here’s what he said:

Where do you think 3D technology will be in 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? 

The largest change(s) in 3D technology in the next 2, 5 and 10 years will be in the two areas of Augmented Reality and product manufacturing. Augmented Reality will change how we view and experience so much of our environment and world, it will impact everything from how you shop for a house to how you shop for a vacation. 3D, by contrast, will in the next 10 years have a huge positive impact on your environment. 3D printing of all varieties of products at the point of use has huge positive environmental impacts that we have not yet realized. Reduced shipping, reduced waste and reduced processing all positive to the environment. 

What is the biggest opportunity for 3D technology?

I think the biggest unrealized opportunity for 3D technology will be in the area of consumer products. For example, as a visualization tool for Augmented Reality to look at how a piece of furniture will look in your living room. The printing of consumer products at 3D printing facilities similar to the copy shop of the 1980's will change how you get everything from shoes to dish ware.

What's your take on Reality Computing?

With the development of things like Google Tango where the average person will be capable of doing Reality Capture, the growth of the entire spectrum of Reality Computing will expand. The ability to do a reality capture of your body and to get custom clothes printed, to the ability to scan your favorite dishes and get replacements are not that far-fetched with the advancements in this technology.

What will you be talking about at REAL?

I hope to be talking about how the world(s) of 3D data and reality capture can have an unrealized positive impact on our environment. Focusing specifically on the implementation of Reality Capture/Computing and 3D technology in the construction world, we can reduce the waste and improve the efficiency of how we build and manage our facilities. With our buildings being having some of the largest impacts on our environment, this issue is huge to our environmental health.

To hear Mike speak in person, join us at REAL 2015.


A point cloud scan of a structure as seen through VR viewer


From Autodesk University's BuildX presentation, Joshe Lowe and Mike Whaley from TURIS Systems discuss using laser scanning and reality capture in innovative ways on construction projects.