Pier 9 Turns 1!

 Last September, we expanded our San Francisco presence with the opening of the Autodesk Workshop at Pier 9. The 27,000 square foot world-class facility brought the company's vision to life: helping people imagine, design and create a better world. Pier 9 houses people and machines that research and develop software, tools, apps, communities and advanced workflows for manufacturing, life sciences, digital art and the maker community.

In just one year, Pier 9 has seen its fair share of creative projects, welcomed more artists in residence into the program, earned LEED platinum certification for commercial interiors, and even started an Autodesk global phenomenon known as Tremendress Tuesday, where employees have the opportunity to celebrate their creativity every second Tuesday of each month. It was started by Eric Wilhelm and the Instructables Team. Employees wear special outfits with extreme pride – it could be formal attire, Halloween costumes, prom/wedding dresses, bear suits, or anything else they love to wear.

TTEmployees around the world celebrated Tremendress Tuesday

Some other Pier 9 highlights from Year 1 include:

  • LEED platinum certification for commercial interiors (check out the infographic below)
  • Autodesk’s first batch of Spark 3D printers were made at Pier 9
  • 102 Artists in Residence 
  • 319 Instructables posted by Artists in Residence
  • 503 employees with workshop access
  • 1 go cart made by CEO Carl Bass and his son


Carl Bass' Go-cart

If we’ve unleashed that much creativity in a year, we can’t wait to share what happens in the next, five, ten, or even fifteen years.


Courtesy of Lundberg Design

Help us celebrate the first year of unlimited creativity and usher in many more by sharing your creativity on Instructables, creating a masterpiece on SketchBook Mobile or even hosting your own Tremendress Tuesday!