How designers and engineers are changing the world

By: Amar Hanspal, Senior Vice President, Products

At Autodesk we’re focused on delivering the kinds of products that help people to design meaningful experiences. It’s about how an occupant feels in a building. How the lives of patients are improved by medical devices. The way the world is improved by a commuter train easing congestion and climate impact.

And as a member of the board of directors for the Autodesk Foundation, I’ve seen some incredible, inspiring work being done by designers and engineers around the world.  They’re working on what we call impact design—projects that have meaningful, positive impact on the world around us.

That’s why I want to celebrate what the designers and engineers who use our software do: I want to bring to light the amazing achievements they create every day. Each innovation stands alone, but together comprises the vast network of human accomplishment.

For the three decades that I’ve been at Autodesk, I’ve seen designers and engineers use our tools to create extraordinary and essential things. People like Elizabeth Strand who created Build Change, which improves construction practices in developing countries; or the volunteers around the world spending their spare time making 3D printed prosthetics.


The impact Autodesk users have on the world goes beyond the reaches of traditional manufacturing and architecture into the world of education.  Consider MASS Design, which uses strategic design thinking to impact the systems that support growth, dignity, and well-being around the world.

It’s these stories and so many more, some of which I talked about last week’s closing session at Autodesk University, which keep me energized about Autodesk. I know that in supporting them by providing the right tools and technology, we are working together to address the issues that matter to the entire world, and I’m personally proud of the work they do.