EnviroGuard Wins More Business with Autodesk Product Design Suite

While it’s tempting to take names at face value, Autodesk Product Design Suite isn’t just about designing products: it’s also about winning business. Just ask California-based EnviroGuard, which Autodesk has recognized as the July Inventor of the Month for precisely this reason.

EnviroGuard — an industry leader in spill containment and facility safety — has been able to win several large projects both domestically and internationally by leveraging the many features and capabilities within Autodesk Product Design Suite. The company used the software to design unique systems built to specification, render the designs in 3D and show the results to clients and engineering firms via online, web-based tools. This resulted in clients quickly approving the designs, and EnviroGuard winning more bids.

“It went absolutely textbook,” said EnviroGuard President Doug Frazier. “Our customers could not believe that with the size of our company, we could perform at that level.”

The secret to their heavyweight performance is a commitment to using the most up-to-date technology to automate and streamline design processes. EnviroGuard worked with Autodesk Platinum Partner KETIV to deploy Autodesk software in multiple aspects of its business, creating what Frazier calls “a pretty seamless system.”

For starters, EnviroGuard uses Autodesk Inventor software to create a digital prototype and detailed bill of material for any potential product. During the bid phase, this model can be imported into Autodesk Showcase 3D visualization software to create renderings that show customers what a product might look like before they’ve awarded the job.

Once a bid goes through, EnviroGuard again relies on Inventor for quality assurance, using the digital model to ensure that what the company is sending out the door to customers is exactly what was drawn and what the customer requested.

The company even uses Autodesk 3ds Max 3D modeling and animation software to create educational videos, as well as “how to” instructional videos for its products.

Meanwhile, all of this digital data is securely made available to users through Autodesk Vault data management software, allowing EnviroGuard employees in the Pennsylvania and Nevada offices to easily collaborate on projects at the same time. Which is a good thing, because you never know where the next new business opportunity is going to pop up.

You can learn more about how Product Design Suite helps EnviroGuard win more business in this three-part video on the Autodesk YouTube Channel.

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