Engineers Without Borders USA and Autodesk Unite to Make a Difference

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Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA), a non-profit humanitarian
organization, and Autodesk began working together recently to help improve the
lives of people around the world through the “You
Get, Autodesk Gives

campaign.  Through this campaign, Autodesk gives US$1 to EWB-USA when
users sign up for a free Autodesk 360 account.

EWB Image for In the FoldEWB-USA is a nonprofit humanitarian organization established to support
community-driven development programs worldwide through partnerships that
design and implement sustainable engineering projects.


For more
about the collaboration, see the EWB-USA news release.

Below, in a
short podcast, Autodesk’s Shawnita Sterett offers a personal perspective on why
Autodesk supports Engineers without Borders; the new You Get, Autodesk Gives campaign; why the campaign focuses on
Autodesk 360; and what the future may hold for the relationship.


“Why Autodesk Supports EWB” Podcast