Climate Action is Imperative

By Amar Hanspal and Andrew Anagnost, interim co-CEOs, Autodesk

At Autodesk, we believe that addressing climate change is one of the greatest design challenges of our time, and is essential to the long-term success of both business and society. The Administration’s budget released today reverses the significant progress made in our country and is at odds with Autodesk’s values. We oppose these roll-backs to environmental protection, including the Administration’s proposed defunding of programs and research addressing climate change, steps to reduce fuel efficiency standards, and proposed cuts to energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. Simply put, we do not support these policies.

Autodesk develops software that enables our customers to design and create a more sustainable world.  Many of these customers make cars, airplanes, buildings, infrastructure, and cities that use less energy, are constructed with smarter materials, and are more resilient. They are driving innovation and creating business opportunity by addressing climate change and protecting our shared environmental resources.

We share their commitment. Autodesk powers our business with 100 percent renewable energy; we have set an internal price on carbon to incentivize business decisions that reduce emissions; and we continue to invest in technology that enables sustainable design. Our employees are passionate about working at a company where they can make a positive impact on the world. We at Autodesk feel that protecting the environment is not only an economic necessity, but also a moral imperative.

Climate leadership and sound environmental policies strengthen the economy, create jobs, and provide the certainty that businesses and society need. We urge our leaders to address the critical challenge of climate change and to strengthen environmental protections, rather than diminish them.