Good for People, Planet and Business – The Clean Power Plan

This week, the Trump administration released its proposal to repeal the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, the country’s first comprehensive effort to reduce carbon pollution from existing electric plants – the second largest source of global warming pollution in the U.S. The existing plan sets unique emissions reduction targets for each state to achieve by 2030 and gives states flexibility in how to best achieve their goals, such as through deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Autodesk is one of the 365+ companies to support the Clean Power Plan, citing the threat that climate change poses to the health of our people and our planet, as well as the economic opportunities that are apparent in the transition to the low-carbon economy.

At Autodesk, we join businesses, states, cities, investors and citizens in supporting the Clean Power Plan.  Human health and prosperity are at stake and we are still in. In fact, we are more committed than ever to work with architects and engineers who are designing a low carbon future, powered by clean energy. In absence of federal government leadership, we join other corporate leaders to protect our planet for current and future generations.