Cage Match: Taking the Design Debate to the Global Ring

We all have our own views when it comes to design. Whether it’s arguing about whether engineering is an art or a science, or if sustainability is vital to our future or just a passing trend, each of us holds an opinion regardless of what our career or study path might be.

In order to better explore some of these design ideas, Autodesk created the Cage Match: fun and engaging debates where leading designers, engineers, and thinkers participate in intellectual sparring and square off on some of today’s most pressing issues and defend and exemplify their stand on innovation.

Due to the success of Cage Matches at events such as Autodesk University and TED with users of all ages, the Autodesk Education team has taken the spirit of the debate and moved the Cage Matches online, hoping to engage Autodesk students and users across social media properties and encourage
them to share their creative ideas with friends and peers from around the globe.

ITF_Cage Match

Built into the Autodesk Students Facebook community, matches will last one week – each with a different topic. The topics were selected based on what the Autodesk student audience was most interested in when it comes to design and include match-ups such as “humans vs. machines,” “mobile vs. desktop” and “form vs. function.” Through these six matches, we hope to reach beyond the traditional architecture, engineering, or animation student population, and to engage students studying in many different fields.

The first match, “Is engineering an art or a science?” starts today, April 15th. Get involved and make your voice heard!