BIM Adoption Expands from 17% in 2007 to over 70% in 2012, According to New McGraw-Hill Construction Report

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For the First Time,
More Contractors are using BIM than Architects

just published results of its new SmartMarket Report: The Business
Value of BIM in North
America.  The report presented highlights
of its new research showing the rapid advance of Building Information Modeling
(BIM) usage by architects, engineers, contractors and owners in North America.
Some of the key findings include:

  • The percentage of companies using BIM jumped
    from 17% in 2007, to 49% in 2009, to 71% in 2012;


  • For the first time ever, more contractors
    (74%) are using BIM than architects (70%);


  • All users report increased business benefits
    from BIM including better profits, more accurate documentation, less rework,
    reduced project duration, fewer claims and the ability to offer new
  • Almost 40% of BIM users are heavily committed
    to it, doing over 60% of their work in BIM. This group has surged by 44% since
  • Most owners, architects, and engineers give
    good ratings to accuracy, completeness and quality of models they receive from

This study also points to important trends in the AEC

  • The strong growth of BIM in construction. Per
    McGraw Hill: “BIM, an innovative approach to design and construction for
    pioneering early adopters just a few years ago, is now taking its place firmly
    in the mainstream of the North American construction industry.”
  • Growth during recession. Per McGraw Hill:
    “Counteracting the instinct to cut back during a recession, a quarter of the
    industry invested in a more efficient and productive future by embracing the
    technologies and processes of BIM.”
  • Leveraging BIM for green design:
    “Quantification of carbon footprint will begin to drive decision making,”
    according to Tom Nelson AIA, principal with Mithun.
  • Owners’
    critical role.  Patrick MacLeamy, CEO of HOK and chairman of buildingSMART
    International predicted, “Over the next ten years, building owners will demand
    ever-increasing usage of BIM as a precondition, ushering in a new era of
    accuracy, quality and sophistication for the building industry.”


For more information on the report, please go here.