Autodesk Software Helps UVP Build Products to Battle Disease

Autodesk Product Design Suite, Imaging Equipment Reaches Researchers in 75
Percent Less Time

UVP, LLC, a global leader in life science imaging, contends that
Autodesk software is instrumental in its pioneering global work to help cure disease.

Southern California-based UVP relies on Autodesk
Product Design Suite
more effectively design and manufacture scientific
imaging equipment that is used to identify potential cures for major diseases.
For its innovation, Autodesk has recognized UVP as the Autodesk Inventor of the Month for December.

UVP’s bioimaging systems — which can create images of entire animals,
such as mice, or of individual tumor cells, using fluorescence tagged disease
cells and other techniques — allow medical researchers to better understand the
genetics of a variety of diseases including cancer, diabetes and other major

Autodesk Product Design Suite, which includes Digital Prototyping tools
such as Autodesk Inventor software, plays a key role
in creating these innovative imaging and analysis solutions.  The result is a reduction in overall time to
market by 75 percent, enabling UVP’s imaging systems to reach medical research
teams faster and directly impacting many on the front lines of the war against

“Data generation in research is all about replication and cost per data
point, and more data for less cost is critical in these competitive fields.
Autodesk Product Design Suite gives us a competitive edge with extremely rapid
turns of designs, allowing more tests of form, fit and function prior to
release,” said Sean Gallagher, chief technical officer at UVP. “Autodesk Product
Design Suite also has been the cornerstone for the development of good workflow
at UVP, from design down into manufacturing.”

A Comprehensive Product Design Solution

UVP worked
with Autodesk Platinum Partner KETIV to implement Autodesk Product Design Suite throughout its product
technology development group. As a result, UVP relies on Inventor software to
generate new 3D designs, while using Autodesk
software, another component of
Product Design Suite, to update and maintain 2D legacy drawings.

UVP centrally stores and manages all data — 2D and 3D alike —with Autodesk Vault data management software, making it easy for UVP to find and reuse design data. This centralization
speeds the company’s response to customization requests, when customers want a
specific aspect of an instrument changed to better suit their research needs.

UVP marketers also use Autodesk Showcase software to transform CAD
data into compelling 3D imagery for instructional documentation and educational
seminars to show customers and prospective users exactly how its products work.

To view an interview with UVP, visit the Autodesk YouTube channel here.