Autodesk Pier 9 Hosts Inaugural Artists in Residence Exhibition

More than 70 pieces from local, national and international artists on display

The Pier 9 Artists in Residence (AIR) program gives artists, makers, and fabricators a chance to work with us in our digital fabrication workshops at Autodesk. Our artists explore, create, and document cutting-edge projects, and share them with the DIY community via Instructables. Since its inception at Pier 9 in 2014, Autodesk has hosted more than 100 artists from around the world and on January 24, we shared a small sample of unique and inventive pieces with the Bay Area community.

The exhibition includes work from 40 artists and more than 70 pieces installed across the Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop, including the CNC lab, 3D printshop, and the test kitchen. Featured projects span a variety of disciplines and mediums, from digital fabrication, fine art, architecture, furniture-making, the culinary arts, and many more pieces that defy categorization.

Each piece also features a very special element: an Instructable documenting each step of the creative process that will be shown alongside the artwork to inspire attendees to unleash their creativity.  

We also invited the Bay Area community to experience the exhibition and tour the space, which sold out in a matter of hours! 

If you couldn’t make it to the show, take a look at ten pieces from our artists and hear from them in this video:


1Blooming Zoetrope Sculptures, John Edmark

Project Description: Edmark’s Blooming Zoetrope

Sculptures are 3-D printed objects designed to animate when spun under a strobe light. The placement of the appendages is determined by the same method nature uses in pinecones and sunflowers. John Edmark is an inventor, designer and artist. He teaches design at Stanford University.


2Encased, Wei Li

Project Description: The body is a sculpture: It's constantly in motion, yet every frame of the movement is a unique sculpture in itself. Encased is a collection of body shaped leather luggage that freezes a moment of bodily movement while maintaining the energy and sensations at that moment.


3String Fountain, Paolo Salvagione

Project Description: Inspired by Las Vegas fountain displays and synchronized swimming routines of the1940’s and 50’s, Paolo Salvagione’s String Fountain uses motors and string to create a lively and choreographed kinetic sculpture. Salvagione is based in the Bay Area and has exhibited internationally and has been featured at Zero1, the Headlands Center for the Arts, the Long Now Foundation and elsewhere.


4Being the Machine, Laura Devendorf

Project Description: Devendorf’s project teaches human users to create 3D models by following a laser guide in a connect-the-dots-style process. She is currently a PhD candidate in the UC Berkeley School of Information.


5Superhero Arm, Coby Unger

Project Description: In collaboration with nine-year old Aidan Roboinson, Coby Unger developed a new type of prosthetic device motivated by both utility and fun. Superhero Arm consists of an adaptable socket with compatible attachments including a videogame controller, a fork, a Lego arm, and several other playful attachments.


6Trends in Water Use, Adrien Segal

Project Description: Drawing inspiration from data, Adrien Segal’s handcrafted sculpture represents the water consumption from the Colorado River Valley over 50 years. In addition to her residency at Autodesk Pier 9, Adrien has been an Artist-in-Residence at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, Alaska’s Bunnell Art Center and Facebook.


7Caldera Table, Matt Hutchinson

Project Description: Matt Hutchinson’s Caldera Table fuses elements of traditional furniture-makingwith digital craftsmanship, specifically double-sidedmilling, toolpathing and joints between complex parts. The table’s three steel nodules can be flipped over and placed on the table to create a set of serving vessels. Matt Hutchinson is an architect and fabricator based in the Bay Area.


8CNC Milled Reaction Diffusion Sculpture, Reza Ali

Project Description: Fascinated by the natural phenomenon of reaction diffusion, the process whereby a substance distributes across a space, Bay Area artist Reza Ali crafted custom software to simulate and model this process with CNC machinery.


Sundial Watch, Gabriel Kaprielian

Project Description: Sundial Watch is the original smartwatch, with location specific design that utilizes the power of the sun to tell time. No batteries, no apps, no accelerometer, just classic design. See Sundial Watch’s product video here:



10Hyper Terra (Gabriel Dunne)

Project Description: Using Open Frameworks, an open-source platform for creative coding, San Francisco-based media artist Gabriel Dunne created Hyper Terra. This textured landscape dynamically shifts as it cycles through color fields and moods.