Autodesk Inspires the Innovators of Tomorrow with 2014 Education Suites

The world is changing. By the year 2020, an entire generation will have grown up in a primarily digital world. And it is this tech savvy generation that will define and lead a dramatic change in the design and engineering community. It will be up to them not only to continue the momentum and progress of generations that came before them, but also carve new paths to innovation.

So, how do we inspire this next generation of thinkers? We put the technology in their hands and show them the power of what’s possible.

Autodesk offers students the ability to access professional grade software at a fraction of the cost so they can learn, engage and develop their skills with the very best tools, including its recently launched the 2014 software product suites, cloud services and design curriculum.  New this year within the 2014 Design and Creation suites is Autodesk ReCap. Now students and educators can access professional-grade reality capture software for integrating laser scans and digital photos of the physical world into the 3D design and engineering process.

Autodesk is also continuing to offer students and educators access to its cloud-based Autodesk 360 platform.  The environment within Autodesk 360 provides students with the ‘anytime, anywhere’ access that they’ve come to know and expect and which has quickly become the ‘new normal’ across all industries. Using this platform, students and educators are able to quickly and easily access designs, collaborate across networks and share information no matter where they are.

“I’ve had the opportunity to use Autodesk’s cloud services in my architecture and design classes and it has transformed the way I work,” said Noah Green, an undergraduate student at the University of Oregon. “What would normally take up to 15 hours now takes just a few minutes. I can easily render my model throughout the design process, make necessary changes, and showcase multiple design iterations to my professor all before he leaves my desk.”

The full of list of 2014 suites available to the education community can be found here. Autodesk also offers individual products available for download here.

Beyond software, all curricula designed to help educators integrate technology into the classroom through the use of interactive exercises, modular projects, video tutorials and instructor lesson slides are also available for free download through the Autodesk Education Community.

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