Autodesk at Milan Design Week – Where Bionic Hands Wander Over 3D Printed Yachts

The usual morning collection of expresso cups have been cleared from the long granite kitchen table in Autodesk’s Milan office. In their place a bionic hand (from Youbionic), a prototype of the world’s first 3D printed yacht (Livrea) and a collection of 3D printed carapace masks and luxury belts complete with 3D printed belt buckles (MHOX Design).


ShipImage courtesy of Alessio Belloni

MASKS 2Image courtesy of Alessio Belloni

Further along sits a whirring Ember printer surrounded by the fruits of its labor – an array of beautifully designed, printed and cast jewellery pieces from designers around the world (Lumitoro, Paul Liaw, Eli5e, Tripsion).

EMBER PRINTS 7Image courtesy of Alessio Belloni

This is Autodesk Open Day during Milan Design Week. Sitting just on the edge of the main Design Week hubbub, Autodesk’s ‘Arthesis’ event brought together an exciting mix of innovative makers and designers who are changing the way we make things. An audience of fellow makers, designers, students, press, partners, Autodesk employees and public heard from speakers talking about their inspiring projects.

Curated by Italian 3D printing guru Davide Sher, the talks and workshops throughout the day covered everything from the making and design of the products on that afore mentioned kitchen table, to the ways design copyright is changing (Canella Camaiora Studio Legale) to practical demonstrations of Fusion 360 and Ember, to the idea behind the first open platform for 3D printed ‘Art DNA’ (Artficial).

Roll on next year!

1The MHOX team speak about their approach to design, while wearing one of their amazing creations throughout

5 Apanel of experts discuss the Future of Making Things

  2Autodesk’s Matteo Crocetti chats Fusion360 with some of the Livrea team

3Lumitoro showed off some of their latest jewellery designed in Fusion 360