Advancing 3D Printing Adoption and Skills in South Korea

We’ve all heard about the potential of 3D printing on industry. In fact, South Korea has revealed it will invest around $37 million in 2017 to accelerate the development of 3D printing across the country.

However, for many getting started with 3D printing is still a challenge.

That’s why this past September, Autodesk and the 3D Printing Industry Association (3DPIA) decided to combine efforts to advance 3D printing adoption and skills in South Korea.

Established by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in South Korea, 3DPIA aims to cultivate the domestic 3D printing industry in pursuit of global competitiveness. The partnership will position Autodesk Fusion 360 as a standard tool in 3DPIA’s education and certification process.

3DPIA has over 300 member companies and 30 training facilities. In the last three years alone, more than 10, 000 participants have been trained under 3PIA’s 3D Printing Specialist Training Program.

From the left to right: Han Joon-seop, CEO of 3DPIA; Han-Soo Kim, President of 3DPIA; Patrick Williams, Senior Vice President of Autodesk, Asia Pacific; and Choi Ki-young, Managing Director of Autodesk Korea

If you are looking to get started with designing for 3D printing, why not check out Autodesk’s upcoming Fusion 360 Basicswebinar on 14 December 2017? Alternatively, find out how you can up your game in CAD/CAM design by joining a Fusion 360 event near you.