Celebrating innovative ways of using BIM at the 2017 China BIM Competition

Categories: Architecture Engineering

Autodesk and China Engineering & Consulting Association (CECA) came together to celebrate companies that are pushing the boundaries with technology for construction at the 8th annual Autodesk BIM Innovation Cup.

From commercial complexes and urban residences, to complex transport and airport infrastructure, this year’s competition saw over 599 projects submitted by 317 companies from across China.

Here is a look at some of the winners:

Image courtesy of CITIC Real Estate

“Best Project Lifecycle Award” — China Zun

This iconic structure will transform the Beijing skyline when it’s completed in 2018. With BIM used throughout the construction process, this skyscraper has taken just 62 months to construct – 1.4 times faster than similar projects.

Image courtesy of China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Steel Structure Engineering Company

“Best Project Construction Award” — Guilin Liangjiang International Airport Terminal 2 expansion project

China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Steel Structure Engineering Company took home the “Best Project Construction Award” for their work on the Guilin Liangjiang International Airport Terminal 2 expansion project. This iconic structure is the result of several technological breakthroughs made possible with Revit and Advanced Steel, which ultimately drove nearly 20% savings in manpower and completion one month ahead of schedule.

Image courtesy of China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co.,Ltd., Huazhong University of Science & Technology and China Railway Construction Corporation Limited 11th Bureau Group

“Best Infrastructure Transportation Hub Project Award” Wuhan Optical Valley Metro, Municipal Tunnel & Underground Space project

Nestled in the city center, the 6.14 billion yuan project is the largest and most complex underground space project in the world. The BIM design process matched efficiency with a meticulous consideration around traffic flow, internal train carriage flow as well as passenger and personnel evacuation.

Some of the winners of the 2017 China BIM Competition still have more to celebrate. China Zun, Huawei Songshan Lake Park Tram project and Hohhot Saihan District National Fitness Center been named finalists of the AEC Excellence Award 2017. Stay tuned to AU Las Vegas on November 14, 2017, where the winning projects will be announced.