The Next Generation of Reality Computing Technology is Here

Autodesk Unveils Enhancements to ReCap Portfolio at SPAR International

Autodesk’s ReCap offering continues to bring Reality Computing to a whole new level of accessibility and affordability with the announcement of several exciting enhancements to the ReCap portfolio.

Today at SPAR International in Houston, Autodesk unveiled the following enhancements:

ReCap as part of Autodesk Suites is a free desktop application for laser scan preparation: import of scans, viewing, cleaning, clipping, sectioning, basic measurements and indexing of registered scan data. It is the must-have companion to the Autodesk portfolio to convert Reality Data in RCP/RCS files, and to upload Real Views to A360.

Image 1_RC

Using laser scans or photographs, ReCap streamlines your workflow by turning the real world into as-built 3D data that can be used with other Autodesk products.

ReCap 360 is a cloud-connected desktop application that allows users to easily integrate reality capture data into the design process. New features include top-requested modifications from ReCap 360 users worldwide and are designed to maximize end-to-end Reality Computing workflows. New features announced for ReCap 360 include:

  • New native laser scan imports–additions to the long list of supported scan formats for streamlined workflows
  • Advanced measurement tools– smart measurement tools that allow you to easily measure diameters and distances between cylinders and planes with automatic shape fitting
  • Advanced annotation and sync – add tags, notes, pictures and hyperlinks that will be automatically synced between your desktop and the cloud

Image 2_RC

Enhancements to ReCap 360 allow users to add tags, notes, pictures and hyperlinks that are automatically synced between the desktop and the cloud.

ReCap 360 Ultimate, formerly ReCap Pro, is the must-have solution for anyone with a laser scanner. New offerings for ReCap 360 Ultimate include:

  • All the features announced with ReCap 360 (see above)
  • New automatic scan-to-scan registration engine – beneficial for anyone working in the field, target-less automatic registration lets you quickly, effortlessly and accurately register scans with little to no user interaction
  • New affordable pricing, now nearly half the annual cost of ReCap Pro, with the same 100 GB of storage space

Learn more about ReCap 360 Ultimate here:

These enhancements will be available beginning April 13, 2015. Try ReCap for free or get more information here.