Design Every Detail with AutoCAD 2015

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Autodesk AutoCAD 2015, the latest release of one of the world’s leading computer-aided design (CAD) applications, jumpstarts design workflows, delivers a richer visual experience and brings the real world into the AutoCAD canvas.  Also, for the first time, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT will also be available on a pay-as-you-go subscription basis.

“AutoCAD 2015 is the most ambitious redesign of the AutoCAD interface in more than 10 years,” said Amy Bunszel, vice president of AutoCAD products, Autodesk. “Professionals can design almost any idea imaginable and are better connected than ever before, to maximize productivity.”

The first thing users will notice about AutoCAD 2015 is the refined interface that delivers a far richer user experience.  A darker, more modern look reduces eyestrain and lets colors stand out. Meanwhile, the new Tab Pages feature lets users quickly open new and existing drawings, while ribbon galleries save time and clicks by visually accessing drawing content directly from the ribbon.

“Running a design-build firm, we rely heavily on AutoCAD for our production and to stay organized,” said Levi Conover, senior design manager, Artthaus, Inc. “The AutoCAD platform provides great flexibility, we use it for everything from initial schematic design drawings and consultant collaboration, to reviewing DWG files with contractors on the iPad with AutoCAD 360 mobile.”

Other features that speed detailing and documentation work include the ability to format text within a drawing similar to a word processor, with features like automatic bullets and numbering, and super/subscript. AutoCAD 2015 also offers easier ways to work with online maps and other geographic location information, as well as point cloud displays and other reality computing information.  The software also includes the Autodesk Application Manager, a new tool that informs users of product updates and extensions and seamlessly downloads and installs them.

Users can share their work with confidence using TrustedDWG™ technology, the original and most accurate way to store and exchange design data. TrustedDWG technology ensures design data integrity throughout the entire workflow, whether users are accessing the file with desktop, cloud, or mobile solutions.

AutoCAD 2015 is available in three versions: Autodesk AutoCAD LT, which contains essential 2D drafting and detailing tools; Autodesk AutoCAD, which adds 3D modeling tools and point cloud support; and AutoCAD Design Suite Standard edition, which lets users extend their AutoCAD design workflow from concept to completion with AutoCAD Raster Design and visual communication solutions.


AutoCAD 2015 products are available starting on March 28, 2014, and availability varies by country. For the first time, AutoCAD is now available through Desktop Subscription plans that allow pay-as-you-go monthly, quarterly, and annual purchase options. It’s never been easier for customers to get AutoCAD with a variety of purchase options to meet unique business needs.  AutoCAD Desktop Subscription provides a low cost of entry, makes it easy for customers to ramp up or scale down, provides access to the latest tools and gives customers budget flexibility.  Availability of AutoCAD 2015 on Desktop Subscription varies by country.

Download a 30-day trial of AutoCAD, purchase an AutoCAD license, or learn more at

1The new darker interface of AutoCAD 2015 provides users a richer visual experience

Users will experience an updated interface in AutoCAD 2015 that improves functionality and productivity and reduces eye strain

With the new tab page, AutoCAD 2015 users can quickly open new and existing drawings and access a selection of content to get customers up and running faster

Save time and clicks by visually accessing drawing content directly from the ribbon in AutoCAD 2015

Capture online maps as a static image and print them. Freeze a contextual location so designs won’t change even if site maps do.

Includes geographic location and new color displays. Improved performance enables denser point cloud display and orienting UCS planes.