Autodesk Product Design Suite Subscribers Gain Autodesk Fusion 360 At No Cost Starting this Month

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Autodesk Fusion 360 is central to the future of making great products. As promised at Autodesk University 2014, Fusion 360 is available starting this month at no cost to all Product Design Suite 2015 subscribers worldwide.

The first of its kind and in market for more than two years, Fusion 360 is a cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM tool for product development that enables product teams and stakeholders to work together within an integrated design, engineering and fabrication experience across platforms and devices. In this new way of working, users have the context to understand all aspects of a project and collaborate with anyone and everyone, at any time. With Fusion 360, gone are the days of traditional data management and fragmented ways of working together on design projects.

Making great products is about having access to the right tools, at the right time. The way products come to market is rapidly changing due to disruption in the way people live, work, communicate and produce & consume products. Flexibility and choice are paramount in this environment.

“Fusion 360 offers hundreds of thousands of Product Design Suite Subscribers the chance to take advantage of new business opportunities best served by a globally distributed cloud platform,” said Buzz Kross, senior vice president of design, lifecycle and simulation at Autodesk. “Our users are working with us to anticipate, shape and chart the future of product development, and I’m delighted to welcome Product Design Suite subscribers to the Fusion community.”

Autodesk is building Fusion 360 because the environment in which our customers operate has radically changed. To learn more about “How and Why” Autodesk is building Fusion 360, click here. More importantly, we are building Fusion 360 with the community—a community that loves to share their stories. Here are just a few:


Availability / Pricing Information:

All Product Design Suite Premium and Ultimate customers with an active Maintenance or Desktop Subscription (new and existing) are eligible for the entitlement. Note: This benefit is applicable to all active Maintenance subscribers of Product Design Suite irrespective of which perpetual license type they own (Stand-Alone, Network or Global Network User license).

  • Product Design Suite Premium Maintenance or Desktop Subscribers (new and existing) will receive Fusion 360 as part of the Subscription benefit
  • Product Design Suite Ultimate Maintenance or Desktop Subscribers (new and existing) will receive Fusion 360 Ultimate as part of the Subscription benefit

Note: Fusion 360 is available in English language only. To learn more about Fusion 360 and the entitlement, visit