Autodesk Makes Fusion 360 More Accessible Than Ever

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Fusion 360 pricing simplified to $25/month subscription for all current functionality and now free for 1 year with new hardware partners

Today at MakerCon in San Francisco, Autodesk announced two initiatives that will make Autodesk Fusion 360 more accessible than ever before and help advance the future of making things. 

Fusion 360 brings CAD, CAM and CAE together in the cloud. It’s an integrated, connected, and accessible platform built for the new ways products are being designed and made.

One Version, One Price

First we are simplifying the pricing model for Fusion 360.  Starting May 30, ALL of the functionality previously available in Fusion 360 Ultimate will now be available in Fusion 360 at $25/month with an annual subscription. Fusion 360 users will now get simulation, animations, 3-axis machining and more. Just radically simple – get all the tools to take your design from concept to production for $25/month with an annual subscription for commercial use.

And Fusion 360 remains FREE for students,educators, schools, hobbyists and startups.  We just don’t believe someone trying to learn how to use the software or trying to create a business should have to pay for the ability to realize his or her ideas.

“Manufacturing is changing at an incredible pace. The future is being re-written every day and huge disruptive changes – from crowd-funding to digital fabrication to cloud-based engineering software – are upon us,” said Andrew Anagnost, senior vice president, Industry Strategy and Marketing, Autodesk. “Never has the ability to create a physical product been so accessible to everyone. We are matching that accessibility by completely redrawing the lines for the availability of 3D CAD/CAM tools – enabling anyone with a good idea to make it a reality.” 

Fusion 360 Free with Fabrication Hardware

The other announcement we made today is a new hardware bundling program. Beginning today participating hardware partners will start including a free 1-year commercial subscription of Fusion 360 with sales of their machines.

Today’s generation of desktop mills and 3D printers puts an unbelievable amount of power in the hands of individuals.  We wanted to make it easier for these machine vendors to create – and easier for our customers to get — an integrated solution. 

Our goal is to make using Fusion 360 with these machines as easy and seamless as possible. By coupling a design tool, integrated post processors and machine setup information, we aim to deliver an experience unrivaled in the industry. The ability to go from idea to machined or 3D printed parts has never been so accessible.  

Participating hardware partners include Biobots, BoXZY, CNCRouterParts, MYDIYCNC, OMAXOther Machine, Pocket NC, Printrbot, Type A Machines and Tormach.  More detail about each vendor, bundle pricing and availability is on our partner page here (where we’ll be continually adding new partners).  The list includes everything from consumer 3D printers, to serious CNC machines, to machines capable of printing a human ear! 

HW partners image 5

The bottom line is manufacturing is changing. Machines are evolving. And software is advancing fast too.  We’ve put all existing functionality in the $25/month Fusion 360 package. You buy a machine from one of our partners, and we’ll give you a year free. If you’re a startup or you’re in education, you get it free anyway.

“Lowering the barriers of entry for the world of product development is something we are passionate about, our partners are passionate about, and our customers are passionate about. I could not be more excited about empowering the next generation of designers and manufacturers with Fusion 360,” added Anagnost.

1The CAM capabilities of Fusion 360 share the same proven CAM kernel as HSMWorks and Inventor HSM™, enabling you to quickly generate toolpaths that cut cycle times, reduce machine and tool wear, and produce the highest-quality finished parts.