Autodesk Expands Focus on IoT with Forge Fund Investment in

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Investment reunites Autodesk with Israeli entrepreneur, Jonathan Seroussi, at his new embedded software simulation start-up

Autodesk is announcing its next Forge Fund investment in Israel-based start-up, Jumper Labs (online at Jumper provides a platform that streamlines the process of developing and testing embedded software for Internet of Things (IoT) products.

The investment is part of Autodesk’s continuing efforts to help manufacturers create smart products. It also demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to IoT as a critical technology for the future of making things.

Jumper is helping democratize IoT product development for companies of all sizes. Currently, only the largest companies with big budgets have the ability to simulate and test IoT products in virtual environments. Jumper makes it easy to simulate how embedded software will perform prior to building physical prototypes. Jumper’s software can help manufacturers develop IoT products more efficiently and go-to-market more quickly as a result of reduced R&D time, more rapid product prototype iterations and the ability to test ongoing product updates, including security patches.


Jumper screenshots


Jumper screenshots: a) Device Config on left shows how you can set up a single virtual device;

b) System Status on right shows a dashboard of running simulated devices.

Jumper plans to utilize the Autodesk Forge Platform, including its cloud services, APIs and SDKs, so developers can quickly create the data, apps, experiences, and services that power the future of making things.

“I am thrilled to be part of Autodesk’s growing ecosystem and excited for our company’s continued collaboration,” said Jonathan Seroussi, co-founder and CEO of Jumper. “This investment will allow us to focus on our mission of enabling companies to create, test and bring to market smart, connected products and systems.”

In December 2015, Autodesk launched the Forge Fund, an investment fund of up to $100 million, aimed at backing companies that develop innovative solutions or services on its Forge platform. Forge was launched to accelerate a cloud-connected ecosystem to power the future of making things.

The investment also reunites entrepreneur Jonathan Seroussi with Autodesk after his first company was acquired by Autodesk in 2009 to help the company advance development of its new generation of cloud software and services. Following the acquisition, Jonathan held a leadership role building Autodesk’s Tel Aviv presence until his recent departure to focus on entrepreneurial initiatives and to co-found Jumper with CTO Dan Shemesh, a former Intel engineer, and serial entrepreneur Yaniv Nissenboim as VP of Product.

“Israel is a hotbed for innovation, and its startup community is leading breakthroughs in how IoT products are designed, tested and brought to market,” said Scott Reese, vice president for cloud products at Autodesk. “Autodesk is committed to supporting early-stage companies that are pushing the envelope for digital manufacturing and IoT, as shown by our prior investment in IoT platform provider Seebo, and now Jumper for a complete and easy to use IoT design process.”