Autodesk Construction Cloud Global Focus Expands with Workflows that Support ISO 19650

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Autodesk deepens support of construction companies across the globe with new workflows that empower design and construction firms to comply with ISO 19650 standards; customers can now choose to primarily store their project data in Europe.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 2, 2021 – Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced it has released a new series of workflows for Autodesk Construction Cloud that can help customers comply with ISO 19650, a global design and construction information management standard. These new workflows offer a robust set of tools to define a structured and standardized process for publishing, sharing and storing project information. Global customers using Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate and Collaborate Pro, Autodesk Takeoff and Autodesk Docs can now also choose to primarily store their project data in Europe – a common customer request for projects in the region.

Standardization across the construction industries allows teams to build more efficiently and create stronger collaboration among all project and company stakeholders. ISO 19650 was introduced to ensure firms meet specific requirements, including standard naming conventions often defined by each country and calls for project data be stored and managed in certain ways. The uniformity helps teams streamline processes, become more efficient and create a safer, more secure and more predictable approach to data governance.

Autodesk Construction Cloud can help customers comply with ISO 19650

“Without a standardized document control process, teams waste countless hours looking for the most up-to-date information,” said Gert-Jan Ditsel, BIM Manager, Dura Vermeer. “A standardized approach is not only a requirement for many projects across Europe, it’s also beneficial for all stakeholders with whom we work – including owners, specialty contractors or architecture and engineering firms. The new workflows in Autodesk Construction Cloud provide us with the tools needed to comply with ISO 19650 standards, help ensure our naming conventions and data stay consistent and ultimately become more collaborative and efficient. Autodesk’s global investments in construction such as by providing us the technology to meet ISO 19650 standards is demonstrative of the company’s commitment to supporting our teams’ needs wherever we’re building.”

New workflows to support ISO 19650

Designed and developed in close collaboration with Autodesk customers, new workflows within Autodesk Construction Cloud empower teams to efficiently configure, organize and distribute documents across the project lifecycle to support ISO 19650 requirements. Specifically, customers can:

  • Preview and enforce naming standards: teams can now create, manage and enforce naming standards across project files to ensure all file names align with standardizations set forth by the project team. Document controllers can easily get started with a naming standard template to create and enforce the project naming standard.
  • Validate the naming standard: users can automate file uploads and ensure the files conform with a project’s naming standard to help teams comply with ISO 19650.
  • Identify non-conforming files and place them in a Holding Area: when a mix of files are uploaded to a destination folder, some files may not conform to the enforced naming standard. The Holding Area allows files with conforming names to be uploaded and automatically moves non-conforming files to a Holding Area to continue the validation and upload process.
  • Increase efficiency with integrations: users are now able to also leverage native naming standard integrations across Revit, AutoCAD and Desktop Connector to enforce standards across project phases.

Regional project data storage in Europe

Autodesk customers using Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, BIM Collaborate Pro, Autodesk Takeoff and Autodesk Docs can now choose to primarily store their project data in Europe. Both ISO 19650 compliance and data storage proximity are often requested by customers on European projects. By providing customers with the option to primarily store project data in Europe and new workflows targeted at helping companies comply with ISO 19650 measures, Autodesk is empowering construction teams throughout the world to stay competitive during the bidding process.

“The arrival of ISO 19650 means our industry now has a common language to talk about and understand data. We know these standards can be complex to navigate but are critical for construction companies to manage project data intelligently, and meeting regional requirements around data storage give firms an additional competitive edge,” said Ilai Rotbaein, senior director, research and development, Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Providing our customers with workflows that support ISO 19650 standards and primary storage for project data in Europe is another step in our continuous journey to empower companies across the world to build better.”

Autodesk Docs will be available as a standalone subscription

Autodesk also announced today it will be releasing Autodesk Docs as a standalone purchase option within the next several weeks. Autodesk Docs is the centralized data management platform that underpins Autodesk Construction Cloud. Previously, Autodesk Docs was included with any subscription for Autodesk Construction Cloud and the AEC Collection. Teams will then be able to leverage the power of Autodesk’s common data environment with Autodesk Docs as a standalone solution to create a single source of truth across the project lifecycle.

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