Autodesk Acquires Assemble Systems: Fact Sheet and FAQ

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Fact Sheet

  • Assemble Systems provides a SaaS solution that acts as a hub, consuming Building Information Models, drawings, and point clouds. This solution enables construction professionals to condition, query, and connect the data to key workflows. These workflows include bid management, estimating, project management, scheduling, site management, and finance.
  • Today, Assemble Systems products are used by 174 unique customers, in nearly 1,000 sites and offices working on 12,700 construction projects including one-fourth of the ENR 400 list.
  • Autodesk previously led Assemble Systems’ Series A funding round, with participation by Borealis Ventures and existing investors Satterfield Vintage Investments and Assemble Investments.
  • Assemble Systems is headquartered in the greater-Boston area, specifically Salem, Massachusetts, with an office in Houston, Texas.
  • Assemble Systems employs approximately 55 people in its Salem and Houston offices.
  • Assemble Systems primarily sells in North America, and products are in English only.
  • Leadership Team: Don Henrich, CEO; Mark Klusza, CIO; Chris Gollihur, VP Finance; Brent Ramos, Sales Director; Tim Kelly, Product Manager; Steve Bracy, Industry Marketing; Samira Tily, Marketing; Arielle Ferguson, Business Manager.
  • According to McKinsey, lagging construction productivity costs the global economy US$1.6 trillion a year.
  • 85% of construction contractors use or plan to use cloud-based solutions, according to a 2017 survey of nearly 1,300 firms performed by Associated General Contractors of Americain collaboration with Sage Construction and Real Estate. By comparison, a 2012 Sage survey found that only 16% believed cloud computing was important to their business.

For more information please view Autodesk’s press release.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is being announced?

A: Autodesk announced that it has acquired Assemble Systems, effective July 3, 2018.

About Assemble Systems

Tell us more about Assemble Systems.

A: Assemble Systems provides a SaaS solution for general contractors that supports the construction phases of a project. This solution enables construction professionals to condition, query and connect the data to key workflows across bid management, estimating, scheduling, site management and finance.

What are Assemble Systems’ origins?

A: Assemble Systems was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts. The company was purpose-built to help general contractors, and was incubated within Satterfield & Pontikes Construction.

Why did Autodesk acquire Assemble Systems?

A: This acquisition is expected to strengthen the project lifecycle by further connecting the preconstruction and site execution phases, as well as team members, to critical parts of the project and data. It is part of Autodesk’s continued focus on supporting the digitization of the construction industry.

What does Assemble Systems bring to Autodesk?

A: Autodesk and Assemble Systems share many of the same customers. Over time, Autodesk plans to integrate Assemble Systems’ products into the Autodesk BIM 360 project management platform, connecting project data from design through preconstruction and site execution. Automation in preconstruction sets the tone for the entire construction project to follow, and this acquisition allows Autodesk to offer a simpler, more accurate preconstruction solution as part of Autodesk’s BIM 360 workflow.

What are Autodesk’s plans for the Assemble Systems team? Will there be layoffs?

A: No layoffs are planned; all Assemble Systems employees have received an employment offer to join the Autodesk team.

Who are the senior leaders of Assemble Systems?

A: The senior leadership team includes: Don Henrich – Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mark Klusza – Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), Brent Ramos – Sales Director, and Tim Kelly – Product Manager. 

Where will Assemble Systems employees work going forward? Will employees be asked to move to an Autodesk office?

A: Assemble Systems has offices in Houston, Texas and Salem, Massachusetts. There are currently no location changes planned for the Houston office employees or remote employees. Employees based in Salem will continue to work in that location until further notice. Ultimately, we would like to transition this team to Autodesk’s Boston office, but no time frame has been set.

What This Means for Customers and Partners

How will Assemble Systems’ customers benefit from the acquisition by Autodesk?

A: Over time, Autodesk plans to integrate Assemble Systems’ products into Autodesk’s BIM 360 solution, and to offer those services globally under the Autodesk BIM 360 brand. Together, we will continue making BIM and project data more useful and easier to use across all phases of the project.

How will Assemble Systems’ customers be impacted by this acquisition?

A: For the next few months, Assemble Systems’ products will continue to be sold through its existing sales channels. Assemble Systems products are sold directly. Assemble Systems customers will continue to access their existing products as they do today, and will be transitioned to Autodesk BIM 360 offerings when available.

When did this acquisition close? What are the terms of the transaction?

A: The acquisition closed on July 3, 2018. This transaction is expected to have no impact on Autodesk’s guidance issued on May 24, 2018. Specific terms of the transaction were not disclosed; however, Autodesk used a combination of cash and stock to finance the transaction. Autodesk has committed to offsetting the shares issued for this transaction within the current quarter through its ongoing stock repurchase program.

How will Assemble Systems’ products be sold?

A: For the next few months, Assemble Systems’ products will continue to be sold directly through its existing sales channels. Over time, Autodesk plans to incorporate Assemble Systems’ products into the Autodesk BIM 360 product line, and to make them available globally.

Are Assemble Systems’ technology partnerships impacted by this acquisition?

A: Autodesk will honor Assemble Systems’ existing partnerships, which include partnerships with Procore, Trimble, Bluebeam, Faro, Apple, Oracle, Leica and others.

Where can I get more information about the acquisition?