Autodesk 360 to Deliver Project-Centric Cloud Platform for Design & Engineering Collaboration

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New Technology Preview Promises to Make Projects Open and Connected

Imagine a world where…

  • Everyone on the project team is aware of critical project details
  • All project information is searchable…like you currently search the web
  • All data is viewable… regardless of the design tools you have
  • You can rent your tools like you do a movie
  • No training is required in order to become a contributor
  • Everyone participates, not just those with the design tools
  • You have time to focus on driving profitability and innovation in your business
  • You get to spend more time with your families and can actually use your vacation time!

Previewed at Autodesk University Las Vegas 2013, the new Autodesk 360 Technology Preview delivers on this vision with a project-centric cloud solution that covers all aspects of the design and engineering workflow from within a single interface.

While CAD cloud point solutions might address a single piece of the design process, Autodesk 360 Technology Preview covers the entire design & engineering workflow, from start to finish and includes the entire project team, not just the designers.

In early trials of the new Autodesk 360, we have received some incredible customer feedback.  Dan Pohly, President, at US Technics Company, had this to say:

“My company provides engineering consulting to machinery manufacturers throughout North America who have customers all over the world.  The key to success is great communication of ideas, designs and data throughout the product life cycle.  Autodesk 360 creates an entirely new collaboration toolbox that allows everyone involved in a project to share and work with the same data as well as communicate in new ways, but using familiar methods.  During the trial, we have used Autodesk 360 as a repository of project files to assure everyone has access to current data; to ask, answer and document design questions and issues; and to share and review 3D assembly models.  The blog pages and wiki pages provide a way to discuss, resolve, and document design issues using tools that are familiar but previously not used for project collaboration.  And the future prospect of being able to share and collaborate on design and analysis work with Autodesk products such as SIM 360 and Fusion 360 using the same environment as Autodesk 360 is extremely enticing.  The Autodesk 360 tools are, to me, pointing the way to an entirely new way to bring together today’s decentralized product design and development teams.  And best of all, the Autodesk 360 capabilities are within reach of small businesses like mine.”

The new version of Autodesk 360 puts the project at the center, making all project data open and connected.

This continuous, unbroken workflow represents a significant productivity enhancement for users accustomed to working on a file with one app, saving it, converting it, and then opening it up with another app to perform the next step in the design process. The net result is that users in the Architecture, Engineering, & Construction; Manufacturing; and Media & Entertainment industries will be able to do more, achieve better results faster and collaborate more effectively.

As a hub for project and team collaboration, Autodesk 360 Technology Preview allows all project collaborators access from any device, including desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Upon logging in to Autodesk 360, users view a real-time “dashboard” rollup of all of the data, projects, people, tasks, discussions, activities, issues and alerts that are associated with design or architecture projects that they are working on.

The Autodesk 360 Tech Preview will feature the following capabilities:

  • Projects: The new Autodesk 360 puts the project at the center, connecting all data, activities and people in a single cloud-based user experience.
  • Social: Autodesk 360 connects people, data and projects helping teams interact, access and share information through an intuitive interface.
  • Search: Autodesk 360 incorporates deep search functionality helps you find exactly what you’re looking for. Find critical design information within the context of the project.
  • Collaboration: Autodesk 360 organizes and provides access to all project information –not just design data – to all project team members, via a great user experience on any device at any time.
  • Viewing:  Autodesk 360 works with virtually any data type, not just Autodesk formats, including non-design data like documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Anyone involved in a project can view files without the need for special tools or software.
  • Rendering: Take advantage of virtually infinite computing power in the cloud to create high resolution renderings in a fraction of the time, and without the need for expensive hardware.

In the future, Autodesk 360 will integrate with the broad set of Autodesk’s cloud products and services enabling users to leverage the near-infinite computing power of the cloud to easily tackle a variety of tasks, without tying up the desktop or requiring specialized, expensive hardware.

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In Autodesk 360 users can see all the projects they are working on in one place.  Because customers work on lots of projects, they can pin or unpin them, to indicate which ones are most important.

Using Search and filtering, users are able to quickly locate all of the places in the project data where their desired information appears. Autodesk 360 searches across all project information – not just design models.  It also searches DEEPLY within design models, so it also helps users get to exactly the place in the Revit model where the change was made.

With Autodesk 360 you get – interactive 3D viewingfor all 3D design data.  Visually Explore Complex 3D Interactive design Models with no special publishing workflow – great looking, high performance, only a web browser or mobile app

From the integration of web services like rendering and simulation, to remote access of traditional desktop tools, we see a future in which the Autodesk 360 becomes the center of a complete end-to-end project workflow, from concept to reality.

Here’s a scenario: an architect is travelling and has only his Mac laptop, when he realizes he needs to make a change to his source Revit model.  With Autodesk Remote, he is be able to edit that model directly within his browser…and will see the update to the model appear as activity in Autodesk 360.