Construction  8 Nov 2018

With this Robot-filled Shipping Container, We're Bringing Manufacturing Technology to the Construction Site

By now you’ve heard Autodesk talk a lot about the convergence of industries – design,…
Nicolas Mangon
Manufacturing  10 Sep 2018

Autodesk Showcases its Portfolio for the Convergence of Design and Manufacturing at IMTS 2018

As the disciplines of design and manufacturing converge, it’s more important than ever that…
Mark Forth
Production  29 Aug 2018

Smart Manufacturing: Getting Your Arms Around It

It’s time to ignore the smart manufacturing buzzwords and focus on the practical…
Robotics  30 Jul 2018

NASA and Autodesk experiment with 3D-printing robots to build human habitats on other planets

With multinational corporations competing against billionaire-backed startups to launch the first…
Raymond Deplazes
Robotics  23 Jul 2018

Can machine learning turn industrial robots into masters of assembly and construction?

If you dump a pile of toy bricks in front of a kid, not much time passes before they figure out how…
Raymond Deplazes
Future of Making Things  15 Jun 2018

Bosch, RAMLAB lauded as manufacturing leaders by industry group

Two Autodesk customers receive Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious Manufacturing Leadership…
Lori Telles
Generative Design  3 May 2018

How GM and Autodesk are using generative design for vehicles of the future

General Motors’ auto engineers have been heavyweights in vehicle lightweighting for years. Just…
Bill Danon
Manufacturing  23 Feb 2018

Fusion Production makes its debut at Autodesk’s “Factory of the Future”

Last week at Autodesk’s newly-launched Advanced Manufacturing Facility (AMF) in Birmingham, UK,…
Sanjay Thakore
Manufacturing  15 Feb 2018

Autodesk Opens Technology Centre in Birmingham, UK to Shape the Future of Making Things

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has transformed the way we work. It’s brought with it…
Sarah Douglas