Håvard Haukeland Profile Picture

After working as an architect for several years and being engulfed in construction and urban planning processes that haven’t changed much over the last century, Håvard co-founded Spacemaker in 2016 together with Carl Christensen, CTO and Anders Kvale, Chairman.

Spacemaker evolved from Havard’s frustration of working with non-digital methods and limited decision support in a “blank sheet” industry where little codification & learning across portfolios was happening. In November 2020, Spacemaker was acquired by Autodesk for $250 million, where Havard now is a Senior Director.

Havard’s passion for all things architecture runs deep. Over the last 10 years, Havard completely renovated (from scratch) two apartments and two houses. But obviously, that was before Spacemaker came into his life. Growing the product and company keep him as busy as raising his two sons together with his wife.