What We Like This Week: Satellites, Sweaty Buildings and CO2 Sequestration

The future belongs to those who get ready for it. Learn how people and companies are preparing for what’s ahead in this week’s picks:

The Planet team is working with the state of California to launch a pollution-tracking satellite. Credit: Planet

  • Chill out. Buildings that sweat? That’s just one example of alternative ways to cool our structures as we face the uncomfortable truth that the hydro-fluorocarbons in conventional air conditioning units warm our planet—and doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose? Architect Magazine showcases recent breakthroughs.

“According to a May 2018 International Energy Agency (IEA) report, worldwide demand for air conditioning will likely triple by 2050. [According to the report,] ‘The global stock of air conditioners in buildings will grow to 5.6 billion by 2050, up from 1.6 billion today—which amounts to 10 new ACs sold every second for the next 30 years.”

  • Good job. Automation will create more jobs than it will displace—that’s the good news. The more challenging news? We need to focus on training and education now to make sure people can do those jobs. Fast Company has a good breakdown of a recent “Future of Jobs” report from the World Economic Forum.

“Our analysis finds that increased demand for new roles will offset the decreasing demand for others, however these net gains are not a foregone conclusion. They entail difficult transitions for millions of workers and the need for proactive investment in developing a new surge of agile learners and skilled talent globally.”