Humanity continues to face increasingly complex global challenges, a rapidly accelerating pace of change, and, in the short term, finite resources to address these issues. Yet despite these daunting constraints—and frankly, because of them—we at Autodesk see unprecedented opportunity.

We believe that technology will always be one of society’s most powerful catalysts for progress.

Autodesk’s mission—to help everyone, everywhere, design and make anything—drives us to develop powerful solutions that help our customers tackle the world’s biggest challenges. Today’s advances in digital transformation, cloud-connected technology, and generative AI will yield monumental changes in how we design and make our world. As a trusted partner to our customers and ecosystem writ large, we will ensure that the innovators and creators building our future have the best tools to do so.

Autodesk’s FY24 Impact Report outlines our successes and challenges in this space. We believe that by holding ourselves accountable in our own sustainability journey, we can credibly engage and support our industries in the transition to a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive future. Together, we can accelerate our path toward the collective future to which we all aspire.

This starts with how we manage our own operations. As governments around the world implement more rigorous sustainability regulations, we recognize our opportunity to continue to lead by example. We support and advocate for more ambitious public sector action to solve our collective challenges. And by aligning our business practices with these emerging regulations and standards, we aim to set a new standard for sustainability in the industries we serve.

Image courtesy of Brookfield Properties.

Through innovative practices and technologies, we have made significant strides in reducing our carbon emissions, optimizing resource utilization, and promoting energy efficiency across our business.

We continue to invest in the expansion of renewables on the grid and nurture the nascent but growing carbon removal industry. Our Culture Code and diversity and belonging (D&B) commitments are best in class and yield significant rewards via employee recruitment and retention.

This year we are sharing the results of our three-year D&B commitments—and while we have made significant progress in this arena, there is still more work to be done.

Our commitment to sustainability extends well beyond our own operations; we recognize the need to support our customers in their sustainability commitments.

At its core, sustainability is a local data problem.

By building and deploying the industry cloud platforms that enable our customers to connect data across teams and workflows, we equip them with the information and insights they need to make sustainable choices throughout their Design and Make processes.

We released a suite of analytical tools and features to measure and manage carbon emissions associated with buildings, products, and infrastructure. We also expanded our portfolio of water management, factory design, and simulation solutions. These capabilities are embedded within our Design and Make Platform to help our customers make informed decisions throughout their processes, ultimately leading to more sustainable outcomes in our industries.

The rise of generative AI presents unprecedented opportunities for advancing sustainability.

While we have been harnessing this technology for years, Autodesk AI-driven design solutions now enable our customers to explore a multitude of options while optimizing for environmental performance—quite literally redefining the possibilities for a more sustainable future.

We recognize that progress requires collaboration and partnership.

That is why we are dedicated to nurturing a sustainable ecosystem—a network of like-minded individuals, organizations, and communities working together to drive positive change. By demonstrating what is possible with the right technology, participating in collective action with our stakeholders and strengthening market incentives for sustainability, we believe we can transform markets.

We invest in our communities to level the playing field and support people and innovations that will create a better world. For example, we have contributed $5 million to Cal State Northridge to provide opportunities for underprivileged students, complementing other initiatives across our educational and workforce partnerships. We are empowering everyone to participate in creating this new, sustainable future.

Autodesk is uniquely positioned as a catalyst for positive change.

By staying ahead of the curve and embracing emerging sustainability trends, we are shaping the future of sustainable Design and Make innovation.

I want to express my gratitude to our employees, partners, customers, and communities who share our vision for a more sustainable world. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and leave a lasting impact on future generations.

I invite you to explore our annual Impact Report and join us on this journey in the relentless pursuit of a better world, designed and made for all.

Read Autodesk’s FY24 Impact Report to learn more.