Autodesk and Evernote, So Happy Together

Categories: Architecture

If you are a fan of AutoCAD 360 Mobile and a fan of Evernote, today’s news will make your day. Coming soon, AutoCAD 360 Mobile files can be opened, shared and marked up within the Evernote platform.

Evernote builds apps that help people remember everything, work effectively and achieve personal and professional success. Evernote has 50 million users around the world (a third in the U.S.) and is adding 100,000 a day.

“The AutoCAD 360 Evernote integration allows our customers to collaborate better using two tools they know and love,” said Amy Bunszel, vice president of AutoCAD Products at Autodesk. “Users can move seamlessly back and forth between AutoCAD 360 mobile and Evernote, enabling instant access to their DWG data and associated project data stored in Evernote.  It’s the best of both worlds and even better – you can take it with you on your mobile devices.”

Autodesk recognizes that customers rely on multiple technologies throughout their design and engineering workflow to stay organized, share information with coworkers and clients, store data, etc.  Making Autodesk products compatible with other popular technologies is in line with the company’s focus on making Autodesk software easy to use and fit well into customers’ work processes.

Initial customer response confirms that being able to use Evernote together with AutoCAD will be helpful in their everyday work.

“Being able to use both AutoCAD and Evernote together is excellent news,” said Brian Benton, senior engineering technician, CAD service provider, trainer, technical writer and blogger, Q. Grady Minor. “Being able to do things like display an Evernote Note within a DWG file, link to Evernote pages from a file/sheet set and maintain project data in an Evernote Note that can be accessed through fields are incredibly helpful. This will save me considerable time throughout my daily work.”