Sanjana Chand Profile Picture

Sanjana Chand, Forge Developer Marketing Manager at Autodesk, is primarily responsible for engaging and growing Autodesk’s developer communities. She can be found at various Autodesk events (both in-person and more recently on the web) from Forge Accelerators, to Hackathons, to Autodesk University.  

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Sanjana comes from the world of product marketing within tech startups, where she launched various successful products in the cybersecurity and search industries. She is no stranger to the fast pace of working with software developers and cloud technologies and works closely with Forge Systems Integrators to connect them with businesses that need help developing cloud-based solutions. Sanjana is passionate about the power of storytelling—she believes stories and ideas can change the world and is particularly excited to be part of a company whose vision is to help people imagine, design, and create a better world.  

Sanjana trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and before the pandemic taught kids the gentle art as well. She also recently took up skateboarding and is still trying to figure out how to do an ollie without falling flat on her face.