Robotics  20 Sep 2018

German robotics project, Roboy 2.0, uses Fusion 360 and generative design to match human evolution

From a robot’s point of view, the human body is a masterpiece: agile, dynamic and flexible yet…
Andre Pechmann
Robotics  30 Jul 2018

NASA and Autodesk experiment with 3D-printing robots to build human habitats on other planets

With multinational corporations competing against billionaire-backed startups to launch the first…
Raymond Deplazes
Robotics  23 Jul 2018

Can machine learning turn industrial robots into masters of assembly and construction?

If you dump a pile of toy bricks in front of a kid, not much time passes before they figure out how…
Raymond Deplazes
Future of Making Things  15 Jun 2018

Bosch, RAMLAB lauded as manufacturing leaders by industry group

Two Autodesk customers receive Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious Manufacturing Leadership…
Lori Telles
Media & Entertainment  23 Mar 2018

What We Like This Week: Soaring Statues and Snakeskin Robots

by Mouncey Ferguson Industrial automation is on the move, robots are finding new ways to get…
Mouncey Ferguson
16 Aug 2017

Future of Making Series: Tesla’s Robot Partners

The final installment of a 5-week series from the new Future of Making book by Tom Wujek. Stories…
Tom Wujec
26 Jul 2017

Future of Making Series: What Lies Beneath the Sequential Roof

Part 3 of a 5-week series from the new Future of Making book by Tom Wujek. Stories will be posted…
Tom Wujec
18 Nov 2016

Autodesk Supports 'Robot Whisperer' at Opening of the Design Museum

Madeline Gannon, founder of ATONATON and renowned “robot whisperer” has unveiled her latest…
7 Mar 2016

3D ROBOTICS & Autodesk FORGE New Frontier

Leading drone maker 3D Robotics is using the Autodesk’s Forge Platform to develop a new…