Construction  5 Oct 2018

What We Like This Week: Reflective Buildings, Handy Robots, and Rocking Chairs

How we imagine and design matters. How we build and make matters. Actually, it all matters. Check…
Mouncey Ferguson
Manufacturing  10 Sep 2018

Autodesk Showcases its Portfolio for the Convergence of Design and Manufacturing at IMTS 2018

As the disciplines of design and manufacturing converge, it’s more important than ever that…
Mark Forth
Product Development  6 Sep 2018

One Fusion 360

Generative design. Advanced simulation. 5-axis machining. Until now, advanced Fusion 360…
Srinath Jonnalagadda
Future of Making Things  19 Jun 2018

Aim93 Unveils Bicycle to Pursue World Record for Human Powered Vehicle at Autodesk University London

UK-Based team cranks on Autodesk simulation and generative design technology to break the 90 MPH…
Mouncey Ferguson
Product Development  24 May 2018

Lamina: Crafting Better Surfboards for Surfers and the Environment

When you think of surfing, chances are you picture an untrammeled, idyllic beach scene, with…
Mouncey Ferguson
Future of Making Things  8 May 2018

Check out this seaweed-inspired, 3D printed metal bottle opener

For Autodesk designer Andriy Banadyga, inspiration can come from anywhere. So when he was thinking…
Liz Nugent
Product Development  24 Apr 2018

It’s here! Generative design technology makes its commercial debut in Fusion 360 Ultimate

Autodesk and Lightning Motorcycles teamed up to redesign this motorcycle swingarm with generative…
Rob Cohee
Generative Design  16 Apr 2018

What Generative Design really is, what it isn’t, and why it’s the future of manufacturing

The way everyday items – from chairs to cars to power tools – are made is being reimagined…
Ravi Akella
Product Development  13 Dec 2017

Don’t stop dancing to the rhythm within, even if you can’t hear the music

This is Shehzeen. She’s a terrific dancer, but you’d never guess that she’s hearing impaired.…
Madhur Kotoky