Our Company  17 Sep 2019

The Importance of Chasing Grace

At Autodesk, we feel strongly about supporting and celebrating the people that contribute to our…
Andrea Robb
Education & Community  16 Sep 2019

SMASH Interns Break Through Barriers During a Summer at Autodesk

This summer, Autodesk welcomed SMASH interns at our San Francisco headquarters.
Queen Denchukwu
Education & Community  13 Sep 2019

Being an Autodesk Intern Is Not Your Average Summer Job. It's Way, Way Cooler.

This summer, we welcomed nearly 270 interns into Autodesk offices around the world for an immersive…
Melanie Abril
Our Company  6 Aug 2019

What Pride Means to Us

Employees were proud to represent Autodesk at Dublin’s Pride parade. At Autodesk, we strive…
Melanie Abril
People & Projects  16 Jul 2019

Designing a Sustainable Future: Why It’s Good for Business and the Planet

Designing and making a sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future for billions of people is a…
Andrew Anagnost
People & Projects  11 Jul 2019

Autodesk Employees Mark Five Years of Making a Global Impact Through Volunteer Work

Autodesk employees in Boston assemble Solar Buddy solar lights. Someone very near and dear to my…
Kellan Hays
Our Company  12 Jun 2019

Female Employees Find New Footing at Our First-Ever Autodesk’s Women’s Summit

What if we gave women at work more of the training, community and support they needed to reach…
Laura Gonzalez
Robotics  30 May 2019

MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA: How We Helped AI SpaceFactory Win NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge

As the countdown commenced, I watched a robot suspended high above the ground place a skylight onto…
Stefanie Pender
Education & Community  8 May 2019

Finding Community From Within: Two Members of the Autodesk Black Network Share Their Stories

As a 37-year-old technology company, Autodesk is dedicated to fostering and evolving a more diverse…
Melanie Abril