Engineering  30 Aug 2018

'Project Impossible' Premieres on History Channel

New series shows how we tackle previously unthinkable engineering challenges Ever drive by a…
Liz Nugent
Future Workforce  15 Aug 2018

#AutodeskInterns crushed it this summer

Each year, Autodesk welcomes college students from around the country to spend the summer interning…
Melanie Nera
Our Company  10 Aug 2018

Open Source at Autodesk and M&E Successes

The value of open source is well understood. And so is the value of consuming technology and…
Guy Martin
Our Company  3 Aug 2018

Proposed EPA/NHTS Rollbacks, Automotive Innovation and Autodesk

  On August 2, 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety…
Lynelle Cameron
Robotics  30 Jul 2018

NASA and Autodesk experiment with 3D-printing robots to build human habitats on other planets

With multinational corporations competing against billionaire-backed startups to launch the first…
Raymond Deplazes
People & Projects  1 Jun 2018

Meet Autodesk’s AI-Trainer and ‘Conversational Engineer’ Yizel Vizcarra

Among the many people doing amazing things at Autodesk is Yizel Vizcarra. But even among an…
Bill Danon
Our Company  29 May 2018

GDPR at Autodesk: A Global Approach to Protecting Customer Data

At Autodesk, we believe our customers should control their data and be treated as customers rather…
Jeff Wright
AEC  8 May 2018

Eiffel Tower Grand Site unveiled in 3D for the very first time thanks to BIM

Today, we saw the unveiling of the 3D model created by Autodesk that will be used during the…
Beatrice Cassignol
Generative Design  3 May 2018

How GM and Autodesk are using generative design for vehicles of the future

General Motors’ auto engineers have been heavyweights in vehicle lightweighting for years. Just…
Bill Danon