Impact  16 Dec 2021

Reflections on COP26: Three Reasons to Feel Optimistic 

In early November, we attended the U.N. Climate Change Conference known as COP26, a global…
Joe Speicher
Impact  18 Nov 2021

New Autodesk & Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building exhibit showcases the future of human/machine collaboration

Opening this weekend, the museum is being reborn for an exhibition about the future
Brian Pene
Impact  8 Nov 2021

Live from COP26: AEC industry sees positive momentum on Climate Change

A new report shows the AEC industry is strengthening its commitment to sustainability
Jim Lynch
Future Workforce  3 Nov 2021

Skills Report: Experience is outpacing education as a hiring priority in construction and manufacturing

New study explores jobs, skills and education most in-demand in construction and manufacturing
Jaime Perkins
Impact  28 Oct 2021

Autodesk employees mobilize for Global Month of Impact

2K employee volunteers in 44 countries helped advance a more sustainable, resilient, equitable world
Catherine Althaus
Impact  19 Oct 2021

Autodesk backs bold climate action by Congress and at UN Climate Conference COP26 

Technology plays a crucial role in the global challenge of combating climate change
Amy Bunszel
Impact  7 Oct 2021

Autodesk’s first sustainability bond aligns impact and financial strategies

Autodesk is in business to enable a better world designed and made for all
Debbie Clifford
Impact  22 Sep 2021

Climate report: the good, the bad, and the opportunity to seize

We have long heeded insights from the IPCC and applied learnings to our own Impact Strategy.
Ben Thompson
Impact  15 Sep 2021

Green building careers illuminated through Boston Teacher Externship Program

With a focus on sustainable design, training aims to inspire budding AEC professionals
Kellyanne Mahoney